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Skills Gap and Talent – Digital platforms could reduce employee-related costs by up to 7 percent

Businesses deploying digital labor platforms to their full potential could increase output by up to 9 percent, reduce employee-related costs by up to 7 percent, and add an average of 275 basis points to profit margins. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Managing talent in a digital age | McKinsey & … Continue reading

Job Search – Lack of broadband can be a key obstacle

People without broadband at home can face substantial challenges navigating key life events, with difficulties looking for work or applying for a job among the most prominent. Despite a number of state and federal initiatives promoting increased broadband adoption, a significant share of U.S. adults (33%) say that they still do not subscribe to high-speed … Continue reading

Ignore economists at your peril – The case of the Internet economy

Forget about equations and forecasts. Powerful economic concepts have given rise to companies and transformed industries. Ignore economists at your peril.  As business leaders seek to stay ahead of the curve, they should ensure that somewhere in their range of view are the ideas of economists. Not forecasts or models or the dry parade of … Continue reading

Mobile Internet – Creates jobs for about 3 million people in the 13 countries BCG estimates

Revenues are only one part of the picture. The mobile Internet is a major job-growth engine as well. We estimate that it has created employment for about 3 million people in the 13 countries we studied. Many of these jobs are in Asia, where the manufacturing of mobile devices is centered. But the rapid growth … Continue reading

Job Search / 75% Of Fortune 500 Companies Recruit Solely Online

When looking at the top companies in the world, 75% of the Fortune 500 companies do all of their recruitment online, according to the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (U.S.). Speaking at the FT-Telefonica Millenials Summit, Julius Genachowski spoke about the impact of the digital divide and noted that it needed to be addressed … Continue reading

Job Search Tools and Internet / 8 New Ways To Do

The internet continues to yield new tools, job search strategies, and factors to consider. Here’s the latest crop: Employers will Google you. If there’s something you’ve posted that you don’t want prospective employers to see, take it down. If someone else has written something unfairly negative about you, see if you can get them to … Continue reading

European Commission / Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs launched to address up to 900 000 job vacancies

Commission President José Manuel Barroso today called on Europe’s digital businesses, governments, training and education sectors to join a Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs to address up to 900 000 job vacancies expected to exist in Europe in Information and Communication technologies (ICT) by 2015. Despite the current levels of unemployment, the number of digital … Continue reading

Hiring / Employers’ old tech costs talents

The recovering labor market may be facing two new hurdles to faster hiring: smartphones and unsophisticated employers. Highly valued employees are turning to their phones to hunt for jobs, but employers’ outdated tech is throwing a wrench in the process. Some employers’ websites and long applications don’t work well on devices Almost a third of Google … Continue reading

BLS / Page Views per month, on average: 45.8 millon in 2012

BLS / Unique Visitors Website per Month, on average: 4 million in 2012 Page Views per month, on average: 45.8 millions MOST FREQUENTLY REQUESTED DATA SERIES Unemployment Rate: LNS14000000 (156,234 downloads per month, on average) .

China / Internet business boom has helped create more than 10 million jobs

Chinese young people are seriously considering making a living online as the economic slowdown bites China’s more conventional jobs market. An Internet business boom has helped create more than 10 million jobs in China, which greatly alleviates current employment pressure, according to a new report by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS). … Continue reading

Internet Job Search / Cuts Unemployment Duration by 25%

“While the Internet has been found to reduce trading frictions in a number of other markets, existing research has failed to detect such an effect in the labor market” write Peter Kuhn and Hani Mansour in Is Internet Job Search Still Ineffective? on Choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor to follow) No more… In their … Continue reading

OECD – Internet accounts for 5.7 percent of jobs in member nations

The ICT sector and the crisis The global economic crisis immediately had a strong negative impact on innovation worldwide . Total OECD-area business expenditure on research and development (R&D) declined by a record 4.5% in 2009; it declined across all major OECD R&D spenders except Korea and France. In 2010 the recovery that occurred in some countries did … Continue reading

India – Job portal for disabled people launched

In an effort to help the millions of disabled in India earn a livelihood with dignity, Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD), an International NGO that supports disabled people 52 countries has designed a unique portal dedicated to facilitate recruitment for persons with disability. The portal named will cater to people with visual, hearing, speech, loco … Continue reading

Job Hunting in the Internet Age – IEEE Spectrum

Few things have changed as much as looking for a job. In a way, it’s all Google’s fault. We’ve gone from an information-scarce world, in which the hardest thing was finding jobs you might be right for, to an information-rich world in which the hardest thing is standing out from the hordes of people who … Continue reading

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