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India – Every year 12 million young Indians will arrive in the job market: where are the jobs ?

I am constantly surprised at how often in conversations with thoughtful people this statistic is brought up: that, from now on for the next decade, every year 12 million young Indians will arrive in the job market. And this additional statistic is brought up too: that in the past few years, the organised sector in … Continue reading

India’s Women Members of the CA Institute – A flexi working portal

The CA Institute has launched a ‘flexi working portal for its women members’.  This portal– will help women members of the CA Institute find suitable opportunities including part-time/flexi-hours jobs, or jobs with work from home option, K Raghu, President of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India said. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the … Continue reading

Asia – The evolution of income distributions, inequality, and poverty between 1992 and 2010

The incidence of poverty in the Asian region is quite high despite the spectacular growth performance of the PRC, India and other economies in the region. According to the 2013 World Development Indicators, 12.5% of the population in East Asia and 31% of the population in South Asia are below the $1.25/day poverty line used … Continue reading

Gender Gap in India – Tata Group to double female staff

The Tata Group is rolling out an “unprecedented” HR transformation that will eventually impact over half-a-million employees spread across more than one hundred operating companies.  Apart from looking to induct over one lakh female employees and nurturing a sizeable number into leadership roles, the group also plans to take a re-look at how it grooms … Continue reading

Hotel Management Graduates in India – Less than 11% are employable after college

Less than 11% of hotel management candidates are employable after college, according to the latest Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, Hotel Management Graduates – 2014. The report by the employability solutions company highlights that females are more employable as compared to male graduates.  “Our National Employability Report in its latest edition goes deep into the … Continue reading

India – One in four business graduates get jobs in US

About one in four business school graduates in India find jobs in America, second only to China, which sends 38 per cent of its alumni to the US, according to a new survey.  While 64 per cent of Indian business graduates stay in their home country, 23 per cent go the US and two per … Continue reading

India – 85% of employees looking elsewhere

Job opportunities in the market may have become fewer, but that is not stopping 85% of the total workforce from eyeing greener pastures. Most employees are either actively looking for a job or open to talking to recruiters about relevant opportunities, says an annual exit survey by LinkedIn.  The number of employees looking to exit … Continue reading

India / 10 per cent of the overall workforce will work through various staffing companies in 2025

Temporary workforce in India’s organised sector is expected to swell up to 9 million over the next 10 years. The country at present has 1.3 million temporary workers in the organised sector. By 2025, it is expected that 10 per cent of the overall workforce in India could be working in a flexible capacity through … Continue reading

India / McKinsey calls for an ‘inclusive reforms’ to reduce poverty

Pursuing an “inclusive reforms” agenda that boosts investments and generates more jobs will help to significantly reduce poverty in India, where over half of the population struggle to meet their essential needs, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) said today.  MGI, business and economics research arm of global consultancy major McKinsey & Company, has also projected that … Continue reading

IBM / to cut 15,000 jobs, starting in India

Technology giant IBM has started a restructuring process, which would see as many as 15,000 jobs being cut globally, including India, Brazil and the European region. “The estimate of jobs cut globally is 15,000,” international coordinator at the Alliance@IBM (official IBM employees union) Lee Conrad told PTI. Though the exact number of job cuts in … Continue reading

India / Without jobs, the demographic dividend will be a disaster

Jobs in India grew by just 2.2% between 2010 and 2012. Economist Alakh N Sharma, director of the Institute of Human Development and principal author of India Labour and Employment Report 2014, spoke with Rema Nagarajan about why unemployment is rising, the people it hits hardest, manufacturing as a remedy — and how competitiveness goes … Continue reading

India / 2 in 5 workers plan to change jobs in 2014

Two in five workers in the country are planning to change their jobs before the year ends due to reasons like need for higher salary and better work-life balance, says a survey. According to a CareerBuilder.Co.In survey, forty-four per cent of full-time workers plan to change jobs in 2014. Moreover, 11 per cent have not … Continue reading

Skills Gap in India / Who will pay for workforce development ?

The National Skill Development Mission is an ambitious project of skilling 500 million youth and making them employable by 2022. The recent STAR scheme launched by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), under the Union Government has earmarked ₹10,000 as the expected cost of a single skill intervention. If we juxtapose these facts, India needs … Continue reading

AstraZeneca in India / To close R&D unit with more than 150 jobs cut

British drug-maker AstraZeneca said it will close its research and development unit in Bangalore, India, making more than 150 jobs redundant. The move, as part of an ongoing global restructuring exercise, will also shut down its early stage research on tropical diseases tuberculosis and malaria. The existing research will be moved to its UK facility … Continue reading

Women in Tech in India / Women earn less, get fewer opportunities

India’s ‘High Potential’ women in technology sector aim high but earn less, and get fewer opportunities for career advancement, says a report by Catalyst India WRC – a corporate membership community. Women in India’s technology sector begin their careers as equals with men, with similar aspirations to the highest levels including that of CEO. Despite … Continue reading

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