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Humanities in Australia – Future knowledge, skills and capabilities

Questions relating to the future of Australia’s humanities workforce intersect with a larger debate on the future of work generally. A key topic of discussion in this debate revolves around the skills and capabilities humanities researchers (and graduates more broadly) will require to successfully navigate the labour market of tomorrow. With respect to the humanities … Continue reading

Humanities Ph.D.s in US – Too much supply chasing too little demand

The plain fact is that we train far more humanities Ph.D.s than there are jobs for. In a recent year, the American History Association reported about 340 tenure-track job openings for historians, plus maybe another hundred jobs outside history departments that might recruit a historian. In the same year, American universities minted about 1,150 new … Continue reading

Social Sciences and Humanities Grads in Canada – Many face challenging career transitions

Thousands of students graduate from Canadian post-secondary institutions each year with an undergraduate degree in the social sciences or humanities (SSH). While most go on to a wide range of rewarding careers, many face challenging career transitions as they struggle to define their career paths and expectations and establish themselves in the labour market. These transition-related … Continue reading

Graduates from Humanities in Canada – Less likely to be employed full time, more likely to have jobs unrelated to their program and to be overqualified research finds

There is a long-standing debate over the value of certain postsecondary programs in facilitating employment after graduation. Pursuing a postsecondary degree is similar to purchasing stocks—it is an investment intended to provide future benefits. More than 80% of high school graduates pursue post- secondary education to increase employment opportunities and income. University graduates earn two … Continue reading

US Academic Job Market in Humanities – The number of positions advertised at least 30% lower

In an effort to place the job advertisements in the broader context of the humanities field, staff members at the Humanities Indicators gathered up the numbers reported by the larger societies back to 2001. The following chart summarizes data reported by the largest disciplinary societies in the humanities and highlights a pattern of decline among … Continue reading

US / The critical role of the humanities and social sciences for a vibrant democracy

« As we strive to create a more civil public discourse, a more adaptable and creative workforce, and a more secure nation, the humanities and social sciences are the heart of the matter, the keeper of the republic—a source of national memory and civic vigor, cultural understanding and communication, individual fulfillment and the ideals we hold in … Continue reading

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