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COVID and Health Insurance in US – 9.2 million workers likely lost their employer-provided health insurance in the past four weeks

We estimate that 9.2 million workers were at high risk of losing their employer-provided health insurance in the past four weeks. To avoid prohibitively costly insurance options, the federal government should fund an expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to all those suffering job losses during the pandemic period.Two weeks ago, when the two-week total of … Continue reading

California – 6.9 million who lacked insurance in 2012 were in a family with a full-time worker

Almost half of the 6.9 million Californians who lacked insurance in 2012 were in a family with a full-time worker, according to a new report from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. The State of Health Insurance in California report also found that the number of adult workers with job-based health insurance declined between … Continue reading

Private Employer-Based Health Insurance in US – Paying more but getting less protective benefits

Looking at trends in private employer-based health insurance from 2003 to 2013, this issue brief finds that premiums for family coverage increased 73 percent over the past decade—faster than median family income. Employees’ contributions to their premiums climbed by 93 percent over that time frame. At the same time, deductibles more than doubled in both … Continue reading

US / Why Is Age 65 Still a Retirement Peak?

‘In order to address an immediate and long-term funding problem, the Social Security Amendments of 1983 gradually increased the Full Retirement Age (FRA), changed the actuarial adjustment for individuals claiming benefits between the early and full retirement ages, and increased the delayed retirement credit. Together, these changes increase the financial gain to individuals who delay … Continue reading

Decision on Kodak 56,000 retiree health benefits coming

Eastman Kodak Co. retirees are likely to soon become part of a big and growing club they have no interest in joining. A federal bankruptcy court judge in Manhattan on Monday is to hear arguments about Kodak’s plan to eliminate an array of post-retirement benefits. It’s a hearing that was put off one week because … Continue reading

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