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Green Jobs in Canada – Approximately 297,000 jobs were attributable to environmental and clean technology (ECT) activity in 2017

Approximately 297,000 jobs were attributable to environmental and clean technology (ECT) activity in 2017, accounting for 1.6% of all jobs in Canada. Of these, 282,045 (95.0%) were employee jobs, while the remainder were self-employment jobs. ECT employee jobs increased 1.9% from 2016. Characteristics of ECT workers: Gender, education, age, and immigration status Women held 28.2% of ECT jobs in 2017, with almost seven jobs out … Continue reading

Skills for Green Jobs in Europe – No common approach to and no definition of it

Preparing for sustainable growth within the context of a circular economy is an accepted policy aim across the globe. The implications for economic sectors, and consequently for occupations, skills and relevant policies, are undeniable. In 2010 Cedefop collaborated with the International Labour Organization and reviewed the state of play regarding ‘green skills’ and ‘green jobs’ … Continue reading

Green Jobs in Renewable Energy – 500 000 new jobs globally in 2017

The industry created more than 500 000 new jobs globally in 2017, with the total number of people employed in renewables (including large hydropower) surpassing 10 million for the first time. Renewable Energy and Jobs, presents the status of employment, both by technology and in selected countries, over the past year. Jobs in the sector (including … Continue reading

Transition to Sustainability and Jobs – Four quantitative employment effects

The commitments made in Paris require a closer look at the quantitative and qualitative jobs dimension of the just transition to sustainability. In schematic terms, it is possible to anticipate four quantitative employment effects. Firstly, and most positively, policies to promote greener products, services and infrastructures will translate directly into higher demand for labour in … Continue reading

British Gas / To create 1,000 ‘green jobs’

British Gas has unveiled plans to create 1,000 “green” jobs over the next three years for young, unemployed people. The energy giant has teamed up with environmental charity Global Action Plan and consultancy Accenture to provide free training to more than 1,400 young people not currently in education, employment or training. Each person who completes … Continue reading

The Green Job Myth

“We can invest $15 bil­lion a year in renew­able sources of ener­gy…to cre­ate 5 mil­lion new jobs, new ener­gy jobs, all across [the] coun­try, jobs that pay well, jobs that can’t be outsourced,” can­di­date Obama promised.[ia] …

U.S. tariffs on Chinese solar cells could lead to job losses

The Obama administration’s recent decision to slap import tariffs on Chinese solar cells was hailed by some domestic solar manufacturers as a victory for job creation, leveling the field while sending a powerful message to Beijing about monopolistic behavior in crucial industries. But a close look at the U.S. solar industry suggests that the tariffs … Continue reading

Wind Industry | 8,600 jobs in UK

8,600 jobs were provided by the onshore wind industry in 2011, with £548 million added to the UK economy, according to a joint study published today by RenewableUK and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The report takes 18 case studies of wind farms of varying sizes across the UK ranging from 0.5MW … Continue reading

Baker Center : Up to 430,000 solar jobs by 2020

Baker Center answers our question on solar energy : the spread of solar power technology into energy markets is following the same “less-than-smooth” path. Solar power is on track to become a major source of energy for the United States, and will likely need less federal incentive than other energy sources to get there, according to a study … Continue reading

What is happening with the Green Jobs ? | Canada Experience Layoffs in Solar Energy

Citing a shortage of customers for its solar panel products, Siliken Canada has laid off 40 workers from its Windsor manufacturing plant. The move is only the latest blow to the region’s fledgling solar industry. Siliken general manager Paco Caudet said the situation is “no different than in any other manufacturing sector.” “When you have … Continue reading

Renewable Energy Corp Closes Norway Solar Wafer Plant and Eliminates 460 Jobs

Renewable Energy Corp ASA (REC), Europe’s second-largest polysilicon producer, is closing its second wafer factory in five weeks after competition from Chinese rivals drove down prices by more than two-thirds for the material used in solar panels. REC will cease production at the plant in Heroya, Norway, in the second quarter, eliminating 460 jobs, REC … Continue reading

European Wind Energy Association sees 500,000 jobs to Europe by 2020

Wind energy to bring 500,000 jobs to Europe by 2020 according to a new report from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Wind power has certainly been gaining more attention throughout Europe, despite concerns regarding efficiency and viability. Many European countries are beginning to adopt and make use of wind turbines and some have become … Continue reading

U.S. | Job Stimulus Programs | Where are the promised Green Jobs ?

Three weeks ago, President Barack Obama stood in front of a sea of gleaming solar panels in Boulder City, Nevada, to celebrate his administration’s efforts to promote “green energy.” Stretching row upon row into the desert, the Copper Mountain Solar Project not far from Las Vegas provided an impressive backdrop for the president. Built on … Continue reading

Germany | Protesters ask to “Protect Solar Jobs!”

Renewable Energy  – “We are the energy transition!” read one of the many placards hoisted in the air at the Germany-wide “Stop the Solar Energy Exit” demonstration at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Monday. According to the event’s organizers, 11,000 people were on hand for the protest against the Merkel government’s energy policies. The protesters and … Continue reading

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