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Covid, Government Financial Support and Output in US – Will boost GDP by 4.7 percent in 2020 and 3.1 percent in 2021, by about 59 cents for every dollar over 3 years

In March and April of 2020, four major federal laws were enacted in response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Those laws, which contained a wide array of conventional and unconventional fiscal policies, will add $2.3 trillion to the deficit in fiscal year 2020 and $0.6 trillion in 2021, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates. … Continue reading

US – Government jobs 630,000 below early stages of recession level

The Labor Department’s latest report signaled that a broader economic slowdown is taking place after job growth ticked up last year. The economy added just 126,000 jobs last month — the lowest tally in more than a year. While the new estimates were disappointing, they’re hardly anything out of the ordinary for the public sector. … Continue reading

US – Government workers are less likely to be displaced CATO finds

This paper examines the extent to which public-sector employment has been relatively recessionproof in the past, whether previous patterns with respect to job displacement held during the Great Recession, and whether the experiences of federal, state, and local government workers have been similar…   We use a sample of over 800,000 workers taken from the … Continue reading

US – Public sector workers are older than private sector workers and more

Among workers ages 18 to 64 who work full-time, differences in characteristics that may affect the relative pay and benefits of private and public sector workers include the following:  Age. Reflecting the aging of the U.S. labor force, workers in both the private and public sectors have become older. Nevertheless, employees in the public sector … Continue reading

Barbados / To cut 3,000 public sector job

On Friday [Dec 13] Barbados Finance Minister Chris Sinckler announced cost-saving measures that could result in approximately 3,000 public sector employees on the island losing their jobs. Speaking in the Barbados Parliament, Mr Sinckler said they propose that the process be spread over the period January to March 2014, starting with the first 2,000 job … Continue reading

Canada / Governments slash jobs at record pace

Canadian governments are slashing jobs with notable speed, one of the reasons behind the weaker showing in the labour market. Continue reading

Ageing, Social Security, and the Intergenerational Debate – An Overview

The ageing society debate is at the forefront of calls to reduce government deficits. The debate is driven by the proposition that national governments will not be able to afford to maintain the spending necessary to support the growing demands for medical care and pension support as populations age. At some points, the argument goes, … Continue reading

US State and Local Government / Rather than layoffs, a failure to hire characterized the brunt of the total job losses since 2009

Rather than layoffs, a failure to hire characterized the brunt of the total job losses in state and local government since 2009. State- and local-government job losses were not disproportionately due to job losses but rather stemmed from significant non-hiring — letting vacant positions remain vacant. Continue reading

Brazil / Govt Has Created More than 4 Million Jobs since 2011

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, stated today that more than four million new formal jobs have been created since 2011, an important step in reducing inequality in the country. More jobs and wage increases are key factors for reducing inequalities in the country, Rousseff stressed today in her weekly radio program, “Coffee with the President.” “If … Continue reading

China / Govt workers least satisfied

Government employees in China are the unhappiest with their job compared to their compatriots in other industries, according to a survey conducted by the Institute of Psychology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the recruitment website Among 9,072 respondents surveyed, government employees rank the last in 12 industries in terms of self-satisfaction, with … Continue reading

Low-Wage / Wal-Mart vs. the Feds: Who’s the King?

The federal government is better at creating low-paying jobs than Wal-Mart and McDonald’s combined, according to a new report. A study released earlier this month from the public policy group Demos states that through various forms of government funding in the private sector, nearly two million people are making $12 an hour or less. The … Continue reading

Denmark / The Danish record offers no support for the social-spending-hurts-growth position

Danes are neither lazy nor poor. Despite high marginal tax rates (or perhaps because of them) they are about as rich, on average, as Americans are. The World Bank estimates that gross domestic product per capita in Denmark for the 2008-12 period at $59,889, compared with $48,112 for the United States. Adjusted for differences in … Continue reading

Ireland / Government plans ‘disruptive reforms’ for employment

The Government has promised a series of “disruptive reforms” as part of a new employment promotion scheme launched this morning. The plan contains 333 actions to be implemented in 2013 by 16 Government departments and 46 agencies. Under the Action Plan for Jobs 2013, the State will pay €1 for every €4 it will cost an employer … Continue reading

Indonesia / End of Moratorium on Hiring Civil Servants but …

The Indonesian government announced on Monday that the moratorium on hiring new civil servants was lifted at the end of December, 16 months after it was instituted, but that stringent recruitment policies would be maintained. Vice President Boediono said that the essence of the moratorium would still be continued — zero growth policy. “The efforts … Continue reading

Government can create only government jobs

During the election campaign the need for jobs got attention, but neither candidate took the trouble to explain how, exactly, jobs are created. Contrary to what politicians claim, jobs start not with government but investors. In the wake of election rhetoric, the realities of investment need restating. Investors are people in a position to invest … Continue reading

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