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US / For each dollar of federal highway grants received by a state, that state’s GSP rises by at least two dollars

Federal highway grants to states appear to boost economic activity in the short and medium term. The short-term effects appear to be due largely to increases in aggregate demand. Medium-term effects apparently reflect the increased productive capacity brought by improved roads. Overall, each dollar of federal highway grants received by a state raises that state’s … Continue reading

Unemployment rate would be 7.1% without government job cuts

As investment in training of the long-term unemployed is decreasing with budget constraints, everything seems to be made to pump more long-term unemploymed in the reserve army we wrote in Disinvestment in Education In North America. The WSJ takes a look at what would happen in the U.S. if there were no Government Cuts. The unemployment rate … Continue reading

Feds’ budget cuts would cost 108,000 fewer jobs to the Canadian economy

The Canadian economy could grow at a slower pace, and have 108,000 fewer jobs as the federal government cuts more than $5 billion in spending and eliminates the deficit by 2015, according to a report from Parliament’s spending watchdog. The economic and fiscal outlook from Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, released Wednesday morning, also predicts … Continue reading

Layoffs by governments at local level hardly help job recovery and investment in education is falling by the way

Layoffs at the local level, by local administrations, we could say, by local government, are so numerous that we could post them on a separated blog. This hardly helps job recovery. Moreover, investment in education is falling by the way. Krugman thinks it is bad politics and we agree. …If it weren’t for this destructive … Continue reading

US Government has been a significant drag on growth for more than a year now – NYT

The chart here offers one of the better recent snapshots of the American economy that you will find. The blue line shows the rate at which the government — federal, state and local — has been growing or shrinking. The red line shows the same for the private sector. Quarterly change at seasonally adjusted annual … Continue reading

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