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Gig Workers and EI in Canada – There is no easy solution

There is no easy solution to the challenge of including gig workers or self-employed workers in Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) system, according to a new report released by the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Should ‘gig’ Workers be Covered by the EI regime? The Challenges and Pitfalls,” author David Gray casts an evaluative lens on the … Continue reading

The Gig Labor Market – Nonemployer firms have grown by 2.6 percent a year, while payroll employment has grown by only 0.8 percent annually

For nearly two decades, the growth of nonemployer firms, or firms that have no employees and mostly constitute incorporated self-employed freelancers (workers in the “gig economy”), has consistently outpaced traditional payroll growth, as is visible here: Overall, nonemployer firms have grown by 2.6 percent a year, while payroll employment has grown by only 0.8 percent … Continue reading

Gig Labor Market – The Case of Uber

One of the major labor market issues affecting Uber drivers is occupational licensing. About one-quarter of the U.S. workforce must acquire a license from the government in order to work for pay (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016). In some cities—New York, for example—ride-sharing without a taxi license is illegal. The requirements for licensure in New … Continue reading

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