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Unemployment Insurance Extension in US – Update

Barring an unexpected change of direction from the Republican leadership, the House of Representatives on Friday evening will go into recess yet again without taking action on extending emergency unemployment compensation benefits for millions of the long-term jobless.  It’s not the first time the House has left town without delivering financial help for the more … Continue reading

Unemployment Extension in US – It passes Senate

The Senate approved a bipartisan unemployment benefits extension Monday, with six Republicans joining Senate Democrats to clear the measure.  The measure passed 59 to 38 with all Democrats in attendance voting for the bill. The five Republicans who helped negotiate the measure — Susan Collins of Maine, Dean Heller of Nevada, Mark S. Kirk of … Continue reading

Unemployment Benefits Extension in US – Senate Advances Bill but it is unlikely the legislation can get through

The Senate on Thursday moved ahead with a bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits, three months after benefits expired for more than two million Americans.  The Senate voted 65 to 34 to begin debate on the legislation, setting it up for passage next week. A bipartisan group of senators announced a deal two weeks earlier … Continue reading

Update on Unemployment Insurance Extension in US

The US Senate passed a procedural vote Tuesday to extend long-term unemployment insurance that ended late last year. The vote does not guarantee final passage, and the measure still must pass the House of Representatives, according to a report by USA Today. The 60-37 vote with six Republicans voting with the majority of Democrats shows … Continue reading

Unemployment Insurance Extension in US / Transcripts: President Obama’s and House Speaker John Boehner Jan. 7 remarks

PRESIDENT OBAMA: … Five years ago this month, our economy was shedding 800,000 jobs, just in one month. But as Americans buckled down and worked hard and sacrificed, we began to come back. And our businesses have created more than 8 million new jobs since we hit the bottom. Our auto industry’s gone from bust … Continue reading

Today in US / Yellen and unemployment in the Senate

The Senate is back today from the holiday break, and will confirm Janet Yellen as the next chair, and the first woman chair, of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Senators start work at 2 p.m., and will move to Yellen at 3 p.m. At 5:30 p.m., the Senate will vote to confirm her — … Continue reading

UI Benefits Extension in US / Meet people who’ve lost them

Name: Maureen “Momo” Kallins State: Washington “I am 65 years old. For three years I worked as the General Manager and the Business Manager of a small public access television station in Washington State. I lost that job in January 2013, which supported half of our household. (I have two sons, 26 and 24, and … Continue reading

UI Benefits Extension in US / Obama to speak on Tuesday

President Barack Obama will ratchet up his administration\’s push for an extension of emergency unemployment benefits on Tuesday with an event at the White House attended by people whose benefits have expired
Continue reading

Long-term unemployment benefits expire / Who, why, where …?

Who lost benefits? Anyone who has been collecting unemployment for more than 26 weeks loses benefits, roughly 1.3 million people immediately. Several million more people are expected to hit the limit over the course of the next year; they would lose benefits at that point. The Obama administration estimates that by the end of 2014, … Continue reading

US / The unique importance of UI for today’s unemployed workers

Today’s labor market provides the strongest case for extending UI benefits. It has always been harder to find work the longer you are unemployed, but the situation facing today’s workers is exceptional Continue reading

Unemployment Extension / White House will push when Congress comes back to work

“These are not the people who caused the financial crisis, they are the victims of the financial crisis,” the President said Continue reading

Unemployment Insurance in US / Has it increased joblessness ?

House-Senate negotiators are close to a modest budget accord to avoid another government shutdown, but suddenly the White House is introducing a last-minute demand. Five years into an economic recovery that President Obama often hails as miraculous, he wants to extend unemployment benefits one more time. Maybe it’s time to consider whether the big expansion … Continue reading

US / Why extending unemployment insurance in a chart

Congress is starting to take notice of the fact that more than 1.3 million people will lose their jobless benefits on Dec. 28 unless lawmakers renew an emergency aid program for the unemployed that\’s set to expire this year. House Democrats said on Thursday that they won\’t support a budget deal unless it includes a one-year … Continue reading

US / Unemployment Extension News

House and Senate Democrats introduced legislation to renew the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program for 2014. Here’s information on the legislation which would extended unemployment benefits for 2014, and more information on the proposed unemployment extension for 2014. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  via Unemployment Extension News.

511,000 Americans Have Lost Unemployment Benefits

Expirations built into the unemployment insurance system when the program was extended at the start of this year will continue to bite this week, kicking 44,000 unemployed Americans off of benefits. This brings the total number of people who have lost benefits since the start of 2012 to 511,000. The federal government created the Emergency … Continue reading

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