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Federal Reserve – FOMC statement – The Economy has gone from “expanding moderately” to “decelerated somewhat”

Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June suggests that economic activity decelerated somewhat over the first half of this year. Growth in employment has been slow in recent months, and the unemployment rate remains elevated… The Committee expects economic growth to remain moderate over coming quarters and then to pick up … Continue reading

Obama | Income Inequality Hurts

So, does inequality hurt growth? Some economists have said “absolutely,” and others have said “absolutely not.” Here’s a serving of both view points. OBAMA IS RIGHT “Inequality is harmful for growth.” Inequality can lead to recessions. OBAMA IS WRONG “Little overall relation between income inequality and rates of growth and investment.” Marketization, not inequality, is … Continue reading

U.S. | Inequality seen as a Major Problem in survey

A new Harris Poll examines the issue of inequality and whether or not it has potential traction in the presidential and congressional elections this fall. The results show that it could well be an important issue because a majority of Americans believe that inequality is a “major problem” and that it is important “that the … Continue reading

Market Economy | The labor market has been creating much more inequality over the last thirty years

“The labor market has been creating much more inequality over the last thirty years, with the very top earners capturing a large fraction of macroeconomic productivity gains. A number of factors may help explain this increase in inequality, not only underlying technological changes but also the retreat of institutions developed during the New Deal and World War II – … Continue reading

Krugman | Economics is in Crisis

Paul Krugman: To say the obvious: we’re now in the fourth year of a truly nightmarish economic crisis. I like to think that I was more prepared than most for the possibility that such a thing might happen; developments in Asia in the late 1990s badly shook my faith in the widely accepted proposition that … Continue reading

U.S. Treasury Notes | The U.S. Economy in Charts

Earlier this month, in testimony before Congress on the President’s Budget, Secretary Geithner provided an update on the nation’s economic and financial health. Today, we offer you a more in-depth look – in charts – at the data behind many of the key points he discussed and look forward to sharing similar briefings in the … Continue reading

Signs of UK recovery may be exaggerated | Business | The Guardian

The GDP data revealed a worrying 5.6% decline in business investment in the last quarter of 2011 Let’s hope the euphoria that greeted last week’s economic data lasts longer than the cheers England’s footballers can expect this summer when the European championships get underway. There is nothing more traditional than football supporters putting hope ahead … Continue reading

Inequality and Redistribution during the Great Recession – Economic Policy Papers – Publications & Papers | The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

In this paper, we explore the impact of the Great Recession on economic inequality and redistribution in the United States. We analyze many sorts of inequality (in earnings, disposable income, consumption expenditures and wealth) for different sections of the economic distribution. Here we highlight three central findings. In 2010, the bottom 20 percent of the … Continue reading


Active labour market policies are commonly used tool to fight unemployment. In the early 1960s all Scandinavian countires have introduced several different measures to have an effect on their labour markets. In the late 1970s in most developed countries of OECD government expenditures on those policies reached the level of 1-1.5% of GDP. High levels of expenditures created a need … Continue reading

IMF warns of HK recession – The Standard

Hong Kong faces a potential recession if the European financial crisis deepens, the International Monetary Fund warned. Economic growth locally is expected to slow to 4 percent in 2012 from 5.75 percent estimated for this year because of weakening external demand, the fund said in a report released yesterday. In the third quarter, the economy … Continue reading

Pain Without Gain –

Last week the European Commission confirmed what everyone suspected: the economies it surveys are shrinking, not growing. It’s not an official recession yet, but the only real question is how deep the downturn will be. And this downturn is hitting nations that have never recovered from the last recession. For all America’s troubles, its gross … Continue reading

The Netherlands enters recession | Dutch News

The decline in economic activity has taken its toll on the job market in the Netherlands. There were 10.000 fewer jobs available at the end of December than there were in the third quarter of 2011, with commercial jobs in trade and business declining considerably. Manufacturing jobs also declined by 2.000 from the third quarter. … Continue reading

Income Inequality is Bad for Society. Really Bad. – Sociological Images

Societies with more income inequality have higher infant death rates than other societies: Societies with more income inequality have higher rates of mental illness than other societies: Societies with more income inequality have a higher incidence of drug use than other societies: Societies with more income inequality have a higher high school drop out rate than … Continue reading

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