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US / There is no shortage of STEM workers says the Economic Policy Institute

In a new EPI paper, Hal Salzman of Rutgers, Daniel Kuehn of American University and B. Lindsay Lowell of Georgetown University find little evidence to support expansion of high-skill guestworker programs as proposed in the immigration bill being debated in the Senate. Contrary to many industry claims, the study finds that U.S. colleges and universities … Continue reading

US / Top charts of 2012 by the Economic Policy Institute

EPI’s top charts of 2012 are drawn from our flagship publication, The State of Working America; regularly updated Economic Indicators; weekly Economic Snapshots; and posts on Working Economics, the EPI blog. Taken together, they illustrate that in 2013, policymakers must do more to ensure the U.S. economy works for all Americans. Here are the fisrt … Continue reading

How many more jobs would we have if the public sector hadn’t been shedding jobs for the last three years?

The most glaring weakness in the current recovery relative to previous ones is the unprecedented public-sector job loss seen over the last three years. The figure below shows that private sector job growth in the current recovery is close to that of the recovery following the early 1990s recession and is substantially stronger than the … Continue reading

Las Vegas’s Had the Highest Black metropolitan unemployment in 2011, Followed by Los Angeles

In 2011, the nationwide African American unemployment rate stood at 15.9 percent—and in several of the country’s large metropolitan areas, the black unemployment rate was significantly higher. This issue brief examines African American unemployment rates of the 19 metropolitan areas for which we could derive reliable estimates.1 The key findings of this brief are: In … Continue reading

African Americans and Latinos | Unemployment | No relief in 2012

Economic Policy Institute: Even though the U.S. recession officially ended in June 2009, the country’s unemployment rate remains devastatingly high. The situation is particularly dire for many African Americans and Latinos—and is not predicted to improve any time soon. Among the states with sufficient data for reliable estimates, African American unemployment rates exceeded 10 percent in … Continue reading

Youth Tough labor market | Economic Policy Institute

As we approach graduation season, it’s important to note the uphill battle young job seekers continue to face in today’s labor market. The unemployment rate for workers under the age of 25 has improved to 16.0 percent since its peak of 19.6 percent in the spring of 2010, but, excluding the Great Recession and its … Continue reading

A jobs-centered approach to African American community development​: The crisis of African American unemployment requires federal intervention | Economic Policy Institute

Unemployment rates for African Americans have been far higher than those of whites for the past 50 years, even in good times. In fact, since 1960 the black unemployment rate has been about twice the white rate. Had blacks had the same unemployment rate as whites in 2010, an additional 1.3 million blacks would have been employed. Millions of African Americans live … Continue reading

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