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The Lack of Diversity the Top – Why ? A weak sense of belonging and difficulty navigating professional environments

It’s a persistent myth: if a company recruits enough employees from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, a sufficient number will, over time, rise through the organization to create a diverse culture at all levels. But that is not happening. Although efforts to recruit employees from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds have become more effective, in … Continue reading

Diversity in the Workplace – Members of diverse groups do see things differently

Most corporate leaders now understand that in today’s business environment, companies must achieve diversity if they want to acquire and retain talent, build employee engagement, and improve business performance. (See “How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation,” BCG article, January 2018.) But many leaders still have blind spots regarding diversity. They underestimate the obstacles confronting an … Continue reading

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in US – Most say growing it makes country better

A majority of Americans continue to say the United States is a better place to live as a result of its growing racial and ethnic diversity. About six-in-ten U.S. adults (58%) say that having an increasing number of people of different races, ethnic groups and nationalities in the U.S. makes the country a better place … Continue reading

Diversity and Inclusion – 71 percent of surveyed organizations aspire to have an inclusive culture

As organizations face shifts in globalization, employee expectations, and the competitive landscape, the topic of diversity and inclusion is becoming increasingly critical. Our latest research found that 71 percent of surveyed organizations aspire to have an inclusive culture, but only 12 percent have achieved this objective. Organizations should find new ways of thinking about diversity … Continue reading

Three strategic steps you can take to reduce bias during candidate screening

Overcoming bias in the screening stage requires not just the right technology but an overall strategy as well. Here are three strategic steps you can take to reduce bias during candidate screening. 1) Identify If a Bias Exists During the Screening Stage Identify if a bias exists in your candidate screening by comparing the demographics of the … Continue reading

Diversity in Management – Innovation rises with it

BCG and the Technical University of Munich conducted an empirical analysis to understand the relationship between diversity in management (defined as all levels of management, not just executive management) and innovation.  Although the research is concentrated in a particular geographic region, we believe that its insights apply globally. The following are the major findings: The … Continue reading

Unconscious Bias – The failures of diversity training

There’s great work showing that diversity is correlated with business performance. But we’ve also learned that that probably won’t be enough to move the needle. That came as somewhat of a surprise to many of us, who thought that if we can show the business case, things will happen. But clearly more needs to be … Continue reading

Diversity and Inclusion – Is 2016 going to be the year of diversity in business?

With all the press we read about diversity, inclusion, women in leadership, and the need to be open minded about religious and cultural differences, one might ask “is 2016 going to be the year of diversity in business?” I believe the answer is yes: this topic has been raised in the public eye and research now proves that … Continue reading

Silicon Valley’s Workforce – Overwhelmingly white and Asian

The Silicon Valley workforce is overwhelmingly white and Asian, according to newly released corporate reports. The figures show the five companies employ relatively few blacks and Hispanics, and even fewer in managerial or engineering jobs. At both Google and LinkedIn, whites and people of Asian descent make up 91% of the workforce, while Hispanics, blacks … Continue reading

Skills gap prevents organizations filling STEM positions with diverse candidates

Monster.com® asked Harris Interactive® to conduct research that examines the importance of diversity recruiting in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematical (STEM) professions. “STEM positions are among the fastest growing occupations. Unfortunately, current skills gaps prevent organizations filling STEM positions with diverse candidates” It is widely acknowledged that STEM professions pose a recruiting challenge for many … Continue reading

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