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Digital Economy in EU – The job tasks of 16% of employed internet users had changed due to new software or computerised equipment in twelve months

At the beginning of 2018, 87% of people in the European Union (EU), aged between 16 and 74 years, had used internet at least once in the last twelve months. Of those internet users that were employed, 71% reported using computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or other portable devices at work and 19% used computerised equipment … Continue reading

Skills Gap – How to address the opportunities and challenges for skill development in the digital economy

The pervasiveness of digital technologies in daily life is fundamentally changing the way individuals access and elaborate knowledge. Individuals have to process complex information, think systematically and take decisions weighting different forms of evidence. They also have to continuously update their skills to match rapid technical change at the workplace. More fundamentally, in order to … Continue reading

Higher Education in US – College majors that didn’t exist 5 years ago

As the work landscape changes, the educational landscape has to adapt as well. Just in time for graduation (which will likely bring a flood of resumes to recruiters’ inboxes), here are a few majors that probably didn’t exist when you were in college—and why they’re relevant to the growing workforce: 1. Robotics Engineering What: Bachelor of … Continue reading

Education and Training – The digital disruption is pervasive

With the compound annual growth rate of education and training expenditure projected at 7 to 9 percent globally over the next few years, and with only 2 percent of overall education spend designated as digital, private companies have invested an estimated $4.5 billion in education-technology companies in 2015. In response to massive demand for more … Continue reading

Skills in the Digital Economy – Nation’s advanced industries talent supply chain is being challenged to deliver new kinds of value in new ways

The observation that “software is eating the world” has become a truism.  However, not enough has been said about what software means for workforce development. Waves of tech have been radically changing what workers do, yet neither the workforce system nor company human resource departments have adequately responded. With digital technologies transforming firms’ talent needs, … Continue reading

The New Digital Economy in US – 72% of adults have used at least one of 11 different shared and on-demand services

A number of new commercial online services have emerged in recent   years, each promising to reshape some aspect of the way Americans go about their lives. Some of these services offer on-demand access to goods or services with the click of a mouse or swipe of a smartphone app. Others promote the commercialized sharing … Continue reading

The Digital Economy – Dislocations in labor markets, with old industries and jobs disappearing Don Tapscott says

In the book, I warned that technology might actually destroy more jobs than it was creating. I asked, “How will we manage the transition to new types of work and a new knowledge base for the economy? ”Now, for the first time in modern history, economic growth in OECD countries is not generating a commensurate … Continue reading

European Commission / Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs launched to address up to 900 000 job vacancies

Commission President José Manuel Barroso today called on Europe’s digital businesses, governments, training and education sectors to join a Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs to address up to 900 000 job vacancies expected to exist in Europe in Information and Communication technologies (ICT) by 2015. Despite the current levels of unemployment, the number of digital … Continue reading

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