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Construction Workers / Painkillers essential part of many

Half of construction workers over 35 take pain-killing medicine in order to get through the workday Continue reading

US / Labor Shortages Could Constrain Housing Growth says Fitch

Labor shortages in the homebuilding industry could constrain new housing growth during the recovery, according to Fitch Ratings Continue reading

Australia | Attracting US workers

Australia is changing its immigration policy to attract more skilled workers from the US to fill posts in its booming mining and gas industries. Currently, workers who are moving to Australia have their skills assessed when they arrive. That can take months and there is the risk of rejection if their skills do not meet … Continue reading

Bursting of the housing bubble has not generated any noticeable increase in structural unemployment

“Some economic observers argue “structural unemployment” has increased in the wake of the Great Recession” write John Schmitt and Kris Warner in Deconstructing Structural Unemployment published by the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Structural unemployment refers to unemployment that reflects supply constraints in the economy: workers whose skills or geographic location don’t match with employers’ desires. Structural unemployment differs from cyclical … Continue reading

Irish could fill up to 80,000 construction jobs in Canada – The Irish Times – Mon, Feb 27, 2012

UP TO 80,000 jobs in British Columbia could be filled by Irish construction workers, according to a delegation from western Canada which is visiting Ireland this week. Manley MacLachlan, president of the British Columbia Construction Association, which represents over 2,000 companies, said yesterday there was “a world of opportunities” for suitable workers in the western … Continue reading

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