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UK – 26,000 Public service job could be cut union warns

With the impending release of the commission of audit and federal budget, job cuts in the public service could total more than 26,000 over the next three years, according to the public servants’ union.  Job cuts to the public service are expected to be recommended in the Commission of Audit, and possibly announced in the … Continue reading

US State and Local Government / Rather than layoffs, a failure to hire characterized the brunt of the total job losses since 2009

Rather than layoffs, a failure to hire characterized the brunt of the total job losses in state and local government since 2009. State- and local-government job losses were not disproportionately due to job losses but rather stemmed from significant non-hiring — letting vacant positions remain vacant. Continue reading

China / Civil servants encouraged to start their own businesses

Civil service jobs, once termed “iron rice bowls” in China because of guaranteed job security, now have the chance to break the status quo and seek their own entrepreneurial dreams Continue reading

Greece’s Bailout / 15,000 public sector jobs cut

The dust is beginning to settle in Athens following the approval of mass layoffs of government workers by the parliament on Sunday. Over 15,000 people face redundancy by the end of next year in a move which overturns the constitutional guarantee for civil servants to have a job for life. The move was was necessary … Continue reading

Greece / More civil servants to be retrenched

GREECE cleared an important hurdle in its drive to receive its next batch of bailout loans after international debt inspectors said yesterday that they had reached an agreement over the country’s economic reforms, including the firing of thousands of civil servants. The review by delegates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Commission and European … Continue reading

Greece / 150,000 civil servants jobs to be cut by 2015

Greece is locked in talks with international creditors in Athens about shrinking the government workforce by enough to keep bailout payments flowing. Identifying redundant positions and putting in place a system that will lead to mandatory exits for about 150,000 civil servants by 2015 is a so-called milestone that will determine whether the country gets … Continue reading

Indonesia / End of Moratorium on Hiring Civil Servants but …

The Indonesian government announced on Monday that the moratorium on hiring new civil servants was lifted at the end of December, 16 months after it was instituted, but that stringent recruitment policies would be maintained. Vice President Boediono said that the essence of the moratorium would still be continued — zero growth policy. “The efforts … Continue reading

China / Civil servant jobs: Need a connection ?

“Sixty per cent of new hires by the central government offices come from rural or ordinary urban families,” said Yin Weimin. “They have no background [connections].” Yin said exams were required for all applicants. This showed that the system was fair and equal, he added. But Yin’s comments failed to convince netizens. They responded by … Continue reading

Thailand / Civil Service Brain Drain

More than eight years have passed since Her Majesty the Queen lamented the effects of the brain drain caused by the mandatory retirement of civil servants at the age of 60. The Civil Service Commission agreed with her suggestions and in 2008 a legal amendment to the Civil Service Act was approved to allow a … Continue reading

Canada / 10,800 Public Servants jobs cut so far

Federal public servants whose jobs were cut because of the government’s budget reductions are leaving the workforce, and the majority of people whose jobs could disappear in the coming months have been put on notice, say public sector unions and the Treasury Board Secretariat. Between April 1 and Sept. 30, federal departments and organizations have … Continue reading

Greece / IMF apologizes for asking to sack 22,000 people by mistake

The IMF has apologized for a mistaken email demanding Greece dismisses thousands more civil servants than the earlier agreed lay off of 27,000 employees. The letter spurred concerns in the government that more layoffs will be demanded. The email arrived at the Greek Ministry of Finance from the IMF Representative in Athens Bob Traa before … Continue reading

(UPDATE) Greece – No to additional 22,000 layoffs asked by IMF

Greece / Rejecting IMF demand for 22,000 extra layoffs Greece has rejected a last-minute IMF demand for thousands of additional civil service layoffs, a finance ministry source said on Tuesday ahead of a crucial eurozone meeting to debate loan relief for Athens. The global lender on Monday called for 22,000 extra job cuts by 2014 … Continue reading

Greece – Rumors that the country’s troika of foreign lenders had called for an additional 22,000 layoffs

Government sources on Monday refuted reports that the country’s troika of foreign lenders had called for an additional 22,000 layoffs in the public sector next year even as municipal employees continued sitins at hundreds of city halls and municipal services across the country to protest their inclusion in a fast-track scheme to redundancy. The demand … Continue reading

UK – Civil service employment down 30,000

The Office for National Statistics said civil service employment has fallen by 34,621 to reach 463,812 in the year to March 31. Over the past two years, more than 60,000 jobs have been cut, the figures show. The number of full-time civil servants fell by just over 34,000 to 354,250 over the period, with the … Continue reading

China – 2M compete for civil service jobs

Nearly two million candidates will compete for over 20,000 civil service jobs this year in China, said a state-run daily which lauded the move for applicants to have at least two years’ experience working at the grassroots level. Applications for the annual National Civil Service Exam (NCSE) opened Monday. An editorial in the Global Times … Continue reading

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