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Citizenship of New Immigrants in Canada – It has declined considerably, mainly among immigrants with lower family incomes and lower levels of education

Canada has one of the highest immigrant citizenship rates among major Western countries. However, over the past 20 years, the percentage of recent immigrants acquiring Canadian citizenship has declined considerably, mainly among immigrants with lower family incomes and lower levels of education. Citizenship is a key marker of integration, allowing immigrants to vote, run for political office, … Continue reading

Citizenship in Canada – The biggest impacts

In June 2014, Bill C-24 passed and the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act came into force. The bill marked the most significant changes to Canada’s citizenship laws since 1977. Some of the changes came into effect in the summer of 2014 and the rest we expect will be implemented sometime in 2015. The government hasn’t said … Continue reading

California farm jobs / 73% of held by non-citizens, report says

California agriculture would suffer unless Congress overhauls the immigration system, the Obama administration said Monday in a renewed push to lobby for a Senate-approved measure that has the support of the Golden State’s farm lobby. Seventy-three percent of California’s agricultural workers are non-citizens — the highest in any state — and a majority of them … Continue reading

Ireland / Just 13% of immigrants become citizens

Ireland – Just 13% of immigrants here become full citizens, compared to 34% in the rest of Europe. Continue reading

US Mexican immigrants / 64 percent have not pursued naturalization

Mexican immigrants living in the United States legally are slow to seek U.S. citizenship, results of a Pew study released Monday indicate. Of the 5.4 million legal Mexican immigrants, 64 percent have not pursued naturalization. The 36 percent who have is about half the rate of legal immigrants from all other countries combined, the Pew … Continue reading

Canada / Only 2.9% of immigrants in 2008 had actually become citizens

Hundreds of thousands of people come to Canada as immigrants every year, but fewer are actually becoming citizens. Internal Citizenship and Immigration documents obtained through an access to information request show only 2.9% of immigrants who gained permanent residency in Canada in 2008 had actually become citizens by the time they were generally eligible to … Continue reading

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