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Cities in UK – They should support economic growth to attract and retain a greater number of graduates, then it needs to

Attracting and retaining talent is increasingly critical for the success of city economies as the UK continues to specialise in ever more high-skilled, knowledge- intensive activities. And this is a big challenge for many of our cities. While the UK’s great universities are spread around the country, many graduates head straight for the bright lights … Continue reading

US – Shrinking cities are gaining brains

If there’s one thing that’s a nearly universal anxiety among cities, it’s brain drain, or the loss of educated residents to other places. I’ve written about this many times over the years, critiquing the way it is normally conceived. Since brain drain seems to be a major concern in shrinking cities, I decided to take … Continue reading

US – Downtown employment centers of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas are recording faster job growth than their peripheries

For over half a century, American cities were decentralizing, with suburban areas surpassing city centers in both population and job growth. It appears that these economic and demographic tides are now changing. Over the past few years, urban populations in America’s cities have grown faster than outlying areas, and our research shows that jobs are … Continue reading

US – Life in the unemployment capital: the case of Yuma

Yuma: A 28.2-percent unemployment rate is outlandishly high. Even in bankrupt and blighted Detroit, the rate was 7.9 percent in August. Among the metro areas whose numbers the Labor Department tracks, there is Yuma, there is El Centro (just 60 miles away in California), and then there is every other city in the nation. Chosen excerpts … Continue reading

The “graying” of the planet – The case of 30 of the world’s capitals

What do urban people care about most?What do talented professionals in their most productive working years care about most? What are the qualities that cities need in order to continue building prosperity? What about the increasing proportion of older citizens as we live longer or slow our rate of natural population growth? Does a rising … Continue reading

US / The 50 Best Cities for Employment Satisfaction

US – The 50 Best Cities for Employment Satisfaction: The Glassdoor Employment Satisfaction Report Card by City Continue reading

US Census / Are Big City Growth Coming Back ?

Big cities could be making a growth comeback after a rocky decade. Their growth rates are rising and, for the second year in a row, they are growing faster than their surrounding suburbs. The Census Bureau’s new release of population estimates for cities through July 2012 offer some surprises in light of recent trends. After … Continue reading

US – 10 Cities Losing the Most Jobs

10. St. George, Utah > Pct. decrease of employed: -5% > Decrease in people employed: -2,799 (34th largest) > June 2009 unemployment rate: 9.9% (145th highest) > June 2012 unemployment rate: 7.6% (148th lowest) 9. Carson City, Nev. > Pct. decrease of employed: -5% > Decrease in people employed: -1,308 (61st largest) > June 2009 … Continue reading

UK cities | An international comparison of unemployment

Unemployment has fallen for the second consecutive month to March. Yet the outlook remains fragile as part-time work and self employment increase in the absence of full-time job creation. The picture across UK cities continues to look very different. To highlight just how different we’ve compared ILO unemployment rates by city to countries around the … Continue reading

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