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Gender Gaps in Career Advice – Professionals are more than twice as likely to provide information on work/ life balance issues to female students than to male students

College students often seek
career advice from their social and professional networks, and the information that students receive may shape their perceptions of careers
and infuence their decision making. As of yet, there is little evidence on whether male and female students have access to the same information about careers. In our paper, we investigate whether student … Continue reading

Career Expectations and Skills – One in two disadvantaged students who saw themselves working as professionals or managers did not expect to pursue any tertiary education

Adolescence is a period when young people start to prepare for adult life. Teenagers have to make important decisions relevant to their working lives later on, such as what field of study or type of education they will pursue. But young people often lack sufficient knowledge about the breadth of job opportunities and careers open … Continue reading

Career and Technical Education and Local Labor Markets in US – How aligned ?

The recent reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act—the principal federal education program supporting career and technical education (CTE)—expressly aims to “align workforce skills with labor market needs.” How Aligned is Career and Technical Education to Local Labor Markets?, co-authored by Pepperdine University associate professor Cameron Sublett and Fordham Institute senior research … Continue reading

Career Choice in Canada – A highly personalized tool : the RBC Upskill

A highly personalized career tool that takes stock of your career-relevant skills. Enables career exploration and identifies different career possibilities based on your unique skills and interests. Incorporates the latest Canadian labour market data on job demand, projected growth, automation and earning potential. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at RBC Upskill

Successful Integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Labour Market Information (LMI) in Career Guidance Services – A handbook

This handbook supports the transfer and adaptation of career development tools used in guidance, early school leaving prevention, employment services, youth centres and other organisations. It provides insights for policy-makers and managers of careers into how to use the potential of ICT to help people find training and jobs, increase their employability, and develop their … Continue reading

Careers Choices and Employers – A practical guide

We [The Careers & Enterprise Company] have partnered with the CBI to undertake research to better understand how employers engage with schools. From this research we have produced this practical guide for employers who want to engage with schools together with a compendium of case studies from businesses. The guide is broken down into four … Continue reading

Educational Choices in UK – Leaving the decision until the deadline

This research set out to test the hypothesis: given the current complexity of the post-16 educational landscape, learners can experience difficulties making fully-informed choices and navigating technical education routes in particular. The aim was to assess how young people make educational choices post-16 and what information they use. The objectives were as follows: • To … Continue reading

Career Choices in UK – The right advice, in the right place, at the right time

1. This careers strategy is part of our plan to make Britain fairer, improve social mobility and offer opportunity to everyone. Our ambitious, modern Industrial Strategy sets out a long-term plan to boost national productivity and the earning power of people throughout the country. We want every person, no matter what their background is, to … Continue reading

US – Career planning for high schoolers

This article helps high school students plan for careers. The first section talks about exploring your interests. The second section highlights the importance of internships, jobs, and other opportunities for getting experience. The third section describes some education or training options, both in high school and afterward. The fourth section offers some thoughts on pursuing … Continue reading

Twitter – Top 10 job search and career advice

For the very best Twitter has to offer in job search and career advice, check out these 10 accounts.  @Absolutely_Abby     @AlisonDoyle @CareerBliss @CareerBuilder @careersherpa @CreativeGroup @dailymuse @JobSearchAmanda @OfficeTeam @USNewsCareers Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Career Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers to Follow.

Career Advice in UK – Children should choose academic or vocational path at 14 Ofsted chief says

Pupils should be ‘streamed’ into either academic or vocational ‘clusters’ at the age of 14 to help them get jobs when they leave school, according to the head of Ofsted,  Sir Michael Wilshaw said teenagers should transfer between schools before sitting their GCSEs depending on their aptitude for an academic or vocational education. He said … Continue reading

Career Advice in UK – Only half (50%) of 14 – 24 year olds have had it, 79% found it useful

Parents and young people do not feel that they have access to useful careers advice and that more needs to be done to help young people make informed choices into careers as a professional. The survey of 2,448 14-24 year olds and their parents shows that whilst there are high levels of awareness about different … Continue reading

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