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Budget 2016 en Ontario – Université gratuite pour les moins nantis grâce au remaniement des fonds existants

Les étudiants ontariens au baccalauréat se plaignent depuis des années de payer les droits de scolarité les plus élevés au pays. Selon le ministre des Finances Charles Sousa, grâce au nouveau programme : Plus de 50 % des étudiants postsecondaires dont le revenu familial est de 83 000 $ ou moins ne paieront pas de droits de scolarité. 90 … Continue reading

Canada / Finance’s Jobs Report uses wrong data says The Globe and Mail

 Last month, for the first time, Canada’s Department of Finance released a separate Jobs Report along with the federal budget. Problem: Canada’s job creation record, as indicated in Statistics Canada’s Job Vacancy Statistics (JVS), has been dismal. Solution: Ignore the JVS, use something else and hope no one notices. Unfortunately, as The Globe and Mail … Continue reading

Canada Job Grant / Provinces react to budget measures

New budget measures aimed at delivering the government’s controversial Canada Job Grant program have upset some provinces in the middle of already fragile negotiations with Employment Minister Jason Kenney. “We were offered a take it or leave it Canada Job Grant program,” P.E.I.’s Finance Minister Wes Sheridan said in a written statement Tuesday evening… The Quebec … Continue reading

US / It is more important to maintain spending on Social Security, Medicare and programs to help the poor than to reduce the deficit pool says

Nearly seven-in-ten (69%) say it is more important to maintain current Social Security and Medicare benefits than to reduce the deficit, while 59% prioritize keeping current levels of spending for programs that help the poor and needy over deficit reduction Continue reading

US / Budget cuts laying off scientists: Some 1,444 of 3,165 scientists reported layoffs are imminent

It took a few months, but forced federal budget cuts are costing hundreds of science and medical research jobs. Nearly half of the recipients who get federal science funding say they’ve recently laid off or will lay off scientists and researchers, because federal grants are tougher to win, according to a survey by the American … Continue reading

Canada / Budget’s job training program hits provincial reluctance

When the premiers of the four Atlantic provinces met on April 29, their joint communiqué noted “significant concerns with the recent unilateral decisions of the federal government regarding skills, training and employment supports.” The four provinces expressed concerns about the Canada Job Grant, “particularly the ability of small-and medium-sized businesses to participate in the program.” … Continue reading

US / We are creating a permanent class of jobless Americans writes Krugman

There is, unfortunately, growing evidence that the tainting of the long-term unemployed is happening as we speak. One piece of evidence comes from the relationship between job openings and unemployment. Normally these two numbers move inversely: the more job openings, the fewer Americans out of work. And this traditional relationship remains true if we look … Continue reading

Canada / Federal budget to target mismatches

Fixing labour shortages and enhancing the skills of workers will be the centrepieces of next week’s federal budget. But the government also recognizes that serious progress on matching skills with job openings will require close co-operation with provincial governments and the private sector. Businesses say labour shortages are also a top concern, and they want … Continue reading

Pennsylvania / Budget proposes pension reform, 400 layoffs plus the elimination of 500 other positions

Gov. Tom Corbett today asked his Republican-controlled Legislature for pension reform, transportation investments and a $90 million increase in basic education funding in his 2013-14 budget. The Republican governor’s $28.4 billion blueprint, if approved by lawmakers, is $679 million higher than the current year’s budget and includes no tax increase. It does, however, propose 400 … Continue reading

US – Federal Employees – 2 percent of total employment, less than half of what it was in the early 1960s

In our country, tax cuts and spending increases gave the economy a badly needed boost in the depths of the recession and early in the recovery. But these stimulus measures have been expiring. At the same time, states and localities have cut spending and raised taxes as they struggle to balance their budgets. As a … Continue reading

US – 2M Jobs Lost If Automatic Cuts Kick In

Republicans and Democrats seized on a new report estimating that automatic budget cuts will cost the economy 2 million jobs to level election-year charges that underscored the deep political divide over how to avert the looming crisis. Roughly five months until the across-the-board reductions kick in, the Aerospace Industries Association unveiled a new report Tuesday … Continue reading

Canada | Fed Budget, Mammoth Bill and EI system

The Conservative government says Canadians receiving an income under the Employment Insurance program will be required to lower their standards when looking for work or risk losing their benefits. It’s a small step, but it should be the start of a major overhaul of a system that often seems to reward seasonal workers in regions … Continue reading

Canada | Fed Budget | A Third Wave coming while 4,000 to 6,000 to receive notices at StatCan and HRDC

Union bosses are warning that “thousands” of public service sector employees will be receiving notices advising them that their jobs will be “affected” as a result of the government’s spending cuts this week, just as members of one of Canada’s largest unions meet for a national convention in Ottawa beginning Sunday. Speaking to CBC News … Continue reading

Canada | Fed Budget | Veterans Affairs to cut 800 jobs

A memo sent to staff at Veterans Affairs says 800 jobs will be cut over the next three years as a result of the federal budget. But in the letter, obtained by The Canadian Press, the department’s deputy minister says relatively speaking, Veterans Affairs is fortunate. Suzanne Tinning writes the department expects to manage the … Continue reading

Canada | Fed Budget | Hundreds of policy jobs slashed

Hundreds of policy analysts are losing their jobs in the latest rounds of cuts to the public service. Union officials say the cuts raise serious questions about how exactly the Harper government will formulate policies in the months to come. About 690 members of the union representing economists and social scientists were told today that … Continue reading

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