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Big Data for Skills Policy – Tapping into the potential of it

This publication has been prepared by the interagency technical vocational education and training (TVET) group on skill mismatch in digitised labour markets, to support experts and policy-makers who wish to engage in discussion on the potential of web-based big data for skills policy. It outlines how such data can be used to mitigate labour market … Continue reading

Matching Skills Needs with Big Data – Multiple competing vendors, covering a range of countries with different languages, providing services commercially to universities and employers

In dynamic and rapidly changing labour markets, the identification of skills needs is an important challenge. Imbalances on the labour market, reflected by difficulties faced by businesses in sourcing the skills they need, high incidences of skills mismatch, and significant unemployment or underemployment especially among youth, are common to most countries, independently of their level … Continue reading

Big Data – It will challenge white-collar, professional knowledge work in the 21st century

“Big data and algorithms are going to challenge white-collar, professional knowledge work in the 21st century in the same way that factory automation and the assembly line challenged blue-collar labor in the 20th century.”

Labor Market Information – Using online job-portal big data

Economists and other social scientists are increasingly using big data analytics to address longstanding economic questions and complement existing information sources. Big data produced by online platforms can yield a wealth of diverse, highly granular, multidimensional information with a variety of potential applications. This paper examines how online job-portal data can be used as a … Continue reading

Bid Data – What data scientists do

“On an average day, I manage a series of dashboards that tell our company about our business — what the users are doing,” says Jon Greenberg, a data scientist at Playstudios, a gaming firm. Greenberg is a manager now, so he’s programming less than he used to, but he still does his fair share. Usually, … Continue reading

Big Data – A huge demand for talents

If you thought good plumbers and electricians were hard to find, try getting hold of a data scientist. The rapid growth of big data and analytics for use within businesses has created a huge demand for people capable of extracting knowledge from data.  The McKinsey Global Institute, the business and economics research arm of McKinsey … Continue reading

Big Data To Create 4.4 Million Jobs Says Gartner Research

Big data is going to have a big impact on IT spending globally as the Gartner research firm forecasts that it is going to create a demand for 4.4 million big data-related jobs globally. Gartner forecasts total IT spending to rise by 3.8 percent in 2013 to $3.7 trillion (£2.3tn) globally, up from the $3.6 … Continue reading

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