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The Future of Work in Australia – Many jobs will get better, but we will need different skills to do them report says

Over the past 70 years, the nature of work in Australia has transformed. The rst major shi was a gradual transition in the industries Australians worked in. Jobs in construction, manufacturing, mining and agricultural decreased while service sector jobs increased and now employ 80 per cent of Australians. A second shift has been an increase … Continue reading

Australia – A strong association between casual employment and financial hardship

Employment and economic well-being are very closely related. Employment is the key means of generating income to both pay for current expenses and save for the future. Hence, volatile earnings and jobs can lead to severe financial stress. The past two decades have registered substantial changes in the overall structure of employment in many western … Continue reading

“Australians first” Labor Strategy – Temporary work visa will be replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS)

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbulll announced his own “Australians first” labor strategy. The government is abolishing its temporary work visa for skilled employees currently held by 95,000 people, or 1% of the workforce. The 457 visa, which like the American H-1B visa was sponsored by employers, will be replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa. … Continue reading

The ‘Best Job In The World’ rides again

Tourism Australia is hiring again with their marketing campaign to give winning contestants the six ‘Best jobs in the world’. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor  via The ‘Best Job In The World’ is Back.

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