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Structural Reform in OECD – Labour market reforms with active labour market policies would boost living standards by 21⁄2 per cent

This paper updates the long-term scenarios to 2060 last published in July 2018, with a special focus on fiscal sustainability and risks. In a baseline economic and fiscal scenario, trend real GDP growth for the OECD + G20 area declines from around 3% post-COVID to 1½ per cent in 2060, mainly due to a deceleration … Continue reading

Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs) – Effective through an appropriate management and implementation

Since the 1990s, there has been a growing interest in ALMPs. Today, expenditure in ALMPs is sizeable in most advanced economies and continues to increase. Between 2004 and 2009, ALMP expenditure grew continuously at an average annual rate of 5.8%, reaching an accumulated growth of 32.5% and a total spending of US$176.5 billion (PPP) in … Continue reading

Major challenges facing activation policies aimed at getting working-age people off benefits and into work –

Activation policies aimed at getting working-age people off benefits and into work have been embraced by many OECD countries. In a previous paper, I have argued that activation strategies have performed well during the Great Recession and subsequent recovery in some, but not all, of these countries. At the same time it is pertinent to … Continue reading

Latin America – Active labour market policies are needed to protect social achievements and address productivity gaps

At a time when governments in the region face the dual challenges of creating quality jobs and safeguarding achievements in social inclusion and work quality, an ILO report highlights the need for a new approach based on active labour market policies to address the current economic slowdown. A functional system of ALMPs in the region, … Continue reading

Unemployment benefit receipt is associated with longer reemployment duration study finds

Melike Wulfgramm and Lukas Fervers analyse the effect of unemployment insurance generosity and active labour market policy on reemployment stability in Europe in Unemployment and Subsequent Employment Stability: Does Labour Market Policy Matter?  (Adapted quotes to follow) Faced with the challenge of high and persistent unemployment, European policy‐makers have been searching for labour market policies that promote quicker … Continue reading

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