Partnerships Between Post‐Secondary Education and Business – Six principles for success

Partnerships between post-secondary education (PSE) institutions and businesses are crucial to Canada’s competitiveness and prosperity. They help to develop and leverage skills, talent, and research. PSE institutions, businesses, and community stakeholders need better information on how to develop, operate, and maintain successful PSE–business partnerships. This report shows that partnerships are most effective when they are designed and operated ethically, when partners make effective decisions, and when they mutually benefit all partners. The report also provides 12 recommendations to help partnership practitioners and stakeholders develop and operate ethical, effective, and mutually bene cial partnerships.

Recommendations for Partnership Practitioners and Stakeholders : Six Principles for Partnership Success

The following six general principles help educators and businesses develop, operate, and maintain partnerships of all types:

  1. ensure that partnership activities create mutual benefits for all partners
  2. establish clear goals and objectives
  3. communicate with partners on a regular basis
  4. evaluate partnership performance regularly
  5. adapt to changing circumstances
  6. celebrate success

Strategies for All Partners and Stakeholders

  • use Ethical Guidelines, Operating Principles, and the Value Assessment Process as the basis for dialogue and action.

Strategies for PSE Institutions

  • improve opportunities for collaboration between PSE researchers
    and businesses;
  • increase opportunities for work‐integrated learning as part of students’ pSe experience.

Strategies for Businesses

  • increase investments in collaboration with PSE researchers;
  • increase work‐integrated learning opportunities for PSE students.

Strategies for Governments

  • support programs and initiatives that facilitate collaboration between PSE institutions and businesses.


Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Bloom, michael, Cameron macLaine, Daniel f. muzyka, and James Stuckey.Partnering for Performance: Enhancing Partnerships Between Post‐Secondary Education and Business. ottawa: the Conference Board of Canada, 2016.


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