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Job Search / The 5 New Rules

Regardless of age, being out-of-date is a very common problem and not, fortunately, an insurmountable one. Here are some things you can do to address the issue, and become more up-to-date for your job search and your job.  'Modern Resume - Modèles Google Documents' - docs_google_com_previewtemplate_id=134jFx2NOjG_oMkbL3pFijooU-CkNoGpjyJEYBYWsxB8&mode=public

1. Focus!

To make your job search more effective, focus on one or two job titles you really want and the employers you would like to work for.

2. Bring Your “A” Game!

Standing out from the crowd in a positive way is NOT optional. Leverage the technology currently available, and you will also prove that you are not out-of-date.

Your “A” Game for Resumes –

Generic work-history resumes don’t often work well today.

Your “A” Game for Networking –

Find those former colleagues who you worked with well in the past. Or that great boss you had two jobs ago.

Your “A” Game for Interviewing –

Be very well-prepared. Prepare positive answers to the standard interview questions, particularly for any “soft spots” you have

3. Be Visible!

Employers use search engines to research job applicants more than 80% of the time, according to recent studies. They are looking for “social proof” that you are who you say you are.

If you Google your name and find nothing about you on the first page or — at a minimum — the first three pages, this is a problem!

4. Join LinkedIn!

Be sure to include your photo in the Profile!

5. Pay Attention!

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at The 5 New Rules For Landing A Job In Today’s Market | Susan P. Joyce.


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