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UI Benefits Extension in US / Meet people who’ve lost them

Name: Maureen “Momo” Kallins

State: Washington

Capture d’écran 2014-01-04 à 14.09.40“I am 65 years old. For three years I worked as the General Manager and the Business Manager of a small public access television station in Washington State. I lost that job in January 2013, which supported half of our household. (I have two sons, 26 and 24, and I live with my husband.) I was awarded unemployment insurance of less than half of my salary that month, which was extended after six months. I have applied for numerous jobs but never even get an interview. A friend of mine in the film business said recently, \’When you apply for a job at 50 people laugh at you. When you apply for a job at 65 people just look at you like you are crazy.\’ Presently I am adding to my video resume and trying to build a business. I sincerely hope that the members of Congress can agree to extend these benefits and throw us a lifeline.\”

Name: Carol Watterston

State: Nevada

“After being laid off after seven years [at my job], I have now been unemployed since November 9, 2012. I job hunt for full-time employment everyday. I’ve been to multiple interviews and nothing has worked out. I’ve even attempted going back to school but I have bad credit and can’t afford it…I\’m already struggling to pay my rent, my bills, my car insurance and feed myself and my pets. I have never been one that expects or wants any kind of charity, and this situation I’m in is degrading and shameful, but I have to do whatever is necessary for survival. However, I have a lot more than other people on this planet. I have a roof over my head, I have food in my fridge, I have a car, and I have a very supportive family, which I\’m thoroughly thankful for.”

Tara Dublin

Name: Tara Dublin

State: Washington

Capture d’écran 2014-01-04 à 14.09.56“I was a very popular DJ on the radio in Portland. When I lost that job, I could not find another job in local media. The radio station that fired me has not replaced me. As a single mom of two sons (15 and 10 years old), it was imperative to me that I show my kids that we don’t roll over and die when bad things happen; we fight. And I’ve been fighting for the last four and half years. In the time since I lost that dream job, I’ve had small opportunities, but nothing long term. I’ll get a voiceover gig just when a bill is due…I worked holiday retail sales at Nordstrom but wasn’t rehired for this season, and despite applying for every retail and waitressing job I can find, I have yet to be hired. I\’m on the verge of losing my house yet again, and I am terrified, I don’t ask for a lot out of life—just to be in a job that makes me happy and pays my bills.”

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Capture d’écran 2014-01-04 à 14.05.30

via Meet the Americans Who’ve Lost Their Unemployment Benefits: “I’m Thoroughly Petrified” | Mother Jones.

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