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Swedes in German Apprenticeship / Students will be offered German language training in Sweden

The failure of the German government scheme to get Swedish students to relocate to the country for apprenticeship schemes has led to it being revamped.

“One of our problems last year was not that many Swedish students speak German,” Maja Erlbacher, an advisor with the European Employment Agency (EURES) told The Local. “Most of those who show interest have no prior language knowledge at all.”

The programme, called “The Job of My Life,” used to require some level of German language skills as there wasn’t time to learn before the apprenticeships began.

Germany has now scrapped the requirement and has restructured the programme to allow time for language classes.

To encourage young Swedes to enroll, from this autumn onwards, young job-seekers will first be offered support for German language training in Sweden. The language classes then continue on-site in Germany.

Erlbacher said that language education is just one parcel of the larger package the German government is offering. The apprenticeships are paid, and the programme also aims to help students integrate socially.

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The Local

via Swedes snub German apprentice scheme – Jobs in Germany – The Local.

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