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US – A significant acceleration in the number of medium-wage jobs created

Earlier today, Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Slok sent out this chart (right), which shows job growth by level of wages. Here’s what he has to say: “…over the past year we have seen a significant acceleration in the number of medium-wage jobs created. The bottom line is that the labor market continues to tighten and it … Continue reading

US – 30% saying now is “a good time to find a quality job” Gallup finds

Americans’ perceptions of the job market are holding steady, with 30% saying now is “a good time to find a quality job,” matching the average since August. Although not positive on an absolute basis, that assessment is much brighter than was the case during periods of elevated unemployment from 2009 to 2012, including lows of … Continue reading

US – The job market seen by LinkedIn CEO

Just under 9 million Americans are classified as unemployed. More than double that amount are either stuck in part-time jobs or say they want a job but have given up actively looking. The three groups combined added up to 18.2 million people in October. The figures raises the question, “How effective of a job are … Continue reading

Tech Worker in US – There is a shortage at the price big tech companies want to pay

You may have noticed that the big tech companies are agitating for an expansion of the H1B visa system whereby foreigners with certain tech skills can come and work in the US. You know, for big tech companies and the like. Easy issuance of green cards for those with those tech skills. It’s not an … Continue reading

Jobless Claims in US – Jump to 313,000, the highest level since the first week of September

The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment benefits jumped last week, pushing total applications above 300,000 for the first time in nearly three months. Weekly applications rose 21,000 to a seasonally adjusted 313,000, the Labor Department said Wednesday. That’s the highest level since the first week of September. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, … Continue reading

Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry in US – Two-thirds of women and half of men surveyed had experienced some form

With more than 11 million employees, the restaurant industry is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the country. It is also the single-largest source of sexual-harassment charges filed by women with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Women occupy most of the financially precarious restaurant jobs; more than 70% of servers … Continue reading

The Gender Gap in US – Historically low between young male and female workers but growing

The wage gap between young male and female workers is historically low. The wage gap between young male and female workers is growing. Yes, both things can be true at the same time. Intergenerational economic inequality is declining: The gap between male and female wages among Millennials is lower than it was among boomers or … Continue reading

Grads with Debt in US – The burden of student loan repayment diminishes rapidly as earnings grow, but difficult in some fields finds Brookings

In this second economic analysis in the Major Decisions series, The Hamilton Project turns to the question of loan repayment. The analysis explores the relationship between earnings growth over one’s career and the relative burden of debt repayment across 80 majors. Specifically, we examine the share of monthly earnings needed to make monthly loan repayments … Continue reading

Jobless Claims in US – 10th Straight week below 300,000

The number of people who applied for new unemployment benefits totaled fewer than 300,000 for the 10th straight week, reflecting the low level of layoffs in the U.S. as the economy continues to strengthen. Initial jobless claims fell by 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 291,000 in the week ended Nov. 15, the Labor Department said … Continue reading

Low Wages in US – About 20.6 million people (30% ) are near-minimum-wage workers

About 20.6 million people — 30% of all hourly, non-self-employed workers 18 and older — are what we call “near-minimum-wage workers,” meaning they earn more than the current minimum wage (either the federal $7.25-an-hour minimum or a higher state minimum) but less than the $10.10 hourly rate that emerged over the past year as a … Continue reading

Illegal Immigration in the US – Making up 3.5% of the nation’s population finds Pew Research Center

The number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. has stabilized in recent years after decades of rapid growth. But there have been shifts in the states where unauthorized immigrants live and the countries where they were born. Millions could receive relief from deportation and work visas from an executive order that President Obama is expected … Continue reading

US – To what extent is income being redistributed by government action ?

With changes like these in the distribution of the rewards of the American economy, the president and many on the left call for redistributing income from those at the top to those in the middle and bottom. But they seldom mention the extent to which income is already being redistributed by government action. In fact, … Continue reading

US – Suburban inadequate transit worsens unemployment

I took a look at the study report, which was published earlier this year by the Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies. More specifically, the research looked at a sample of 247,000 Midwestern lower-income “workers who have experienced an involuntary job displacement” because of mass layoffs, and how long they remained unemployed. The researchers also … Continue reading

Federal Taxes, 2011 in US – Average tax rates by quintile goes from 11 percent to 23 percent CBO finds

In 2011, according to CBO’s estimates, average household market income—a comprehensive income measure that consists of labor income, business income, capital income (including capital gains), and retirement income—was approximately $81,000. Government transfers, which include benefits from programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance, averaged approximately $13,000 per household. The sum of those two … Continue reading

US – 12.1% of Full-time employed are seeking new jobs

12.1% of full-time employed U.S. workers are exploring or actively seeking new employment opportunities according to Joberate, a digital information service that measures and quantifies job seeking behaviors of the global workforce Joberate, a digital information service that measures and quantifies job seeking behaviors of the global workforce, recently conducted analysis of its U.S. job … Continue reading

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