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UK – 54,000 new mothers may be forced out of their jobs each year report says

New research suggests that around 54,000 new mothers may be forced out of their jobs in Britain each year. These findings are based on a survey of over 3,200 women by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, in which 11% of the women interviewed reported having been dismissed, made compulsorily redundant where others in their … Continue reading

Growing Inequalities – Linked to the decline in unionization and the erosion of minimum wages IMF finds

The rise of inequality in advanced economies, and in particular the growing concentration of incomes at the top of the distribution, has become a greater focus of attention for economists and policymakers. Understanding the factors behind this phenomenon is essential to determine whether policy action is needed to reduce income inequality, taking into account other … Continue reading

Participation in US – Looking solely at the falling unemployment rate overstates that recovery

I am pleased to be here today to address an important topic for understanding the health of the labor market and the economy overall: the labor force participation rate, which currently stands at 62.6 percent. The continued decline of the unemployment rate since 2010 is the most commonly cited piece of evidence that the labor … Continue reading

UK – The pursuit of full employment

While there is some consensus around the merits of pursuing full employment, there is no widely agreed definition of what constitutes ‘full’. Nor have we heard much on quite how any given target might be achieved. In this briefing– which marks the launch of a major piece of research on the topic which will conclude before … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence – 7 interview questions

Here are seven interview questions that can draw revealing answers from the job candidates you interview — and get you on your way to finding employees with stellar emotional intelligence. 1. Who inspires you and why? The job candidate’s answer often gives the interviewer a peek into who the interviewee models him or herself after. … Continue reading

WordPress Jobs in US – A report

Over the past decade, WordPress has become the premier content management system (CMS) and publishing platform on the web today. Whether it’s used for personal blogs or corporate websites, WordPress is equipped to meet almost anyone’s needs and helps brands of all sizes become world-class publishers. And its flexibility has paid off: today, WordPress occupies … Continue reading

Law – The US associate market hits its highest post-recession Q2 peak

Five years after the height of the recession, it has become abundantly clear that the reports of BigLaw’s death were greatly exaggerated. The associate market reached a new zenith during the recently concluded second quarter. Using an ARIMA model, (autoregressive integrated moving average model) we projected a forecast that the associate market should roughly conform … Continue reading

Gender Gap in UK – Majority of men and women surveyed agree that people in their workplaces are treated fairly regardless of their gender report says

New research reveals that most women don’t see their workplace as being discriminatory against women, despite widespread official reports to the country. Why is this? And what can businesses do to improve gender equality, particularly those that have difficulty attracting women? Despite the legal requirement to ensure gender equality in the workplace, many organisations are … Continue reading

UK – Only one in five employers set targets for the number of disabled employees Business Disability Forum finds

With expenditure on staff turnover in just 5 sectors costing UK business more than £4 billion each year and the average cost of replacing individual employees estimated at £30,000, Business Disability Forum (BDF) is thrilled to release the first ever report about the skills, confidence and practices that help retain and develop employees with disabilities … Continue reading

Only 28 percent of Millennials feel their current organization is making full use of their skills Deloitte finds

Business should focus on people and purpose, not just products and profits in the 21st century according to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s (Deloitte Global) fourth annual Millennial Survey released today. This and other findings from the survey suggest businesses, particularly in developed markets, will need to make significant changes to attract and retain the future … Continue reading

Low-Paid Workers in US – What do they think would improve their working lives?

The mounting challenge of in-work poverty, combined with public scrutiny over employment practices including zero-hour contracts, has shone the spotlight on employers of low-paid workers. But how do these workers feel about work, and what do they think would most improve their working lives? This study explored the experiences and perceptions of low-paid, low-income workers … Continue reading

College Graduates in US – States ranking for job openings online

In The Online College Labor Market, we analyzed job openings for college graduates in the national labor market using an important new data source: online job ads data. Using data provided by one of the leading developers of online job ads data, Burning Glass Technologies, we find the data capture a growing share of the … Continue reading

Social Capital in UK – A look by age and sex

Social capital represents social connections and all the benefits they generate. High social capital means a society where people are connected, tolerant, help each other and spend time for the “common good”. They have trust in others and in institutions, and are empowered to shape the society they live in. This has positive impacts on … Continue reading

Vocational education and training has been neglected OECD says

“Vocational education and training has been neglected. If “strong vocational programmes increase competitiveness”, “many programmes fail to meet labour market needs” writes the OECD in LEARNING FOR JOBS: SUMMARY AND POLICY MESSAGES. The OCDE review “aims to bridge the gap between learning and jobs, by exploring how to make initial vocational education and training for … Continue reading

Human Capital and Labour Productivity in Canada – HC contribution to productivity growth is substantial

“The good fortune of bountiful natural resources is not enough to ensure rising incomes for Canadians in the long term. Growing labour productivity is the most important determinant of future economic welfare and on that measure, Canada is falling behind its major trading partners.” writes Serge Coulombe in Lagging Behind: Productivity and the Good Fortune … Continue reading

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