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Social Security Claims in US – A growing number are waiting until their mid-60s or later

With lower Social Security replacement rates, vanish- ing traditional pensions, and longer lifespans, many people will need to work longer to ensure a secure retirement. Working longer directly increases current income; it avoids the actuarial reduction in Social Security benefits; it allows people to contribute more to their 401(k) plans; and it shortens the period … Continue reading

Inequality at its highest since records began OECD finds

Income inequality has reached record highs in most OECD countries and remains at even higher levels in many emerging economies. The richest 10 per cent of the population in the OECD now earn 9.6 times the income of the poorest 10 per cent, up from 7:1 in the 1980s and 9:1 in the 2000s, according … Continue reading

US – Retirement preparations throughout the ages

The 16th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey finds American workers are continuing to recover from the Great Recession  and its aftereffects. While the economy is recovering, the U.S. retirement landscape is also continuing to evolve, with increases in life expectancies, the need for Social Security reform, and an even greater need for individuals and families to … Continue reading

Renewable Energy Industry Jobs – More than 7.7 million people worldwide

More than 7.7 million people worldwide are now employed by the renewable energy industry, according to a new report released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This is an 18 per cent increase from last year’s figure of 6.5 million. The report, Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2015, also provides a … Continue reading

Europe – 9 New forms of employment

Across Europe, new forms of employment are emerging that are different from traditional standard or non-standard employment in a number of ways. Some transform the relationship between employer and employee, some change work organisation and work patterns, and some do both. This report identifies nine forms of employment that are new or have become increasingly … Continue reading

Global Job Gap – It continues to widen ILO finds

The world economy continues to expand at rates well below the trends that preceded the advent of the global crisis in 2008 and is unable to close the significant employment and social gaps that have emerged. The challenge of bringing unemployment and underemployment back to pre-crisis levels now appears as daunting a task as ever, … Continue reading

ManpowerGroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey – On the rise globally

ManpowerGroup’s annual Talent Shortage Survey, released today, reveals that 32% of U.S. employers report difficulties filling job vacancies due to talent shortages. This marks a decrease of 8%, falling from 40% in 2014. Globally, the percentage of employers experiencing difficulties continued to rise, increasing from 36% in 2014 to 38% in 2015. Among U.S. employers, … Continue reading

Europe’s Employer – Their attitudes towards the unemployed, especially on skills and employability, and the effectiveness of their contact with public employment services

Based on original polling across five European countries, this report explores employers’ views on a range of issues related to long-term unemployment – their attitudes towards the unemployed, especially on skills and employability, and the effectiveness of their contact with public employment services. Employers are central to resolving long-term unemployment: they will decide whether or … Continue reading

US – State IT workforce

The predicted shortage in the state information technology (IT) workforce has been discussed and debated for over a decade and states have been confronted with numerous challenges when it comes to identifying gaps in a changing IT workforce. A major concern for state CIOs continues to be the significant number of state IT employees who … Continue reading

Latin America and the Caribbean Outlook – Unemployment will be up 0.2 percentage point

The unencouraging economic outlook for the current year will likely prompt a mild increase in the regional unemployment rate to 6.2% from the 6.0% registered in 2014, according to estimates released today by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). In a new edition of their … Continue reading

UK – Near-term employment prospects remain buoyant CIPD finds

The quarterly CIPD Labour Market Outlook (LMO) provides a set of forward-looking labour market indicators, highlighting employers’ recruitment, redundancy and pay intentions. The survey is based on responses from 1,013 employers, many of whom are drawn from the CIPD’s membership of more than 130,000 professionals. The latest report shows that near-term employment prospects remain buoyant. This … Continue reading

College Majors in US – Top-Paying earn $3.4 million more than lowest-paying over a lifetime

When it comes to earnings, majors matter more than degrees. Over a career, the report finds, college graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates on average. But averages are misleading: college graduates with the highest-paying majors earn $3.4 million more than the lowest-paying majors. Using Census data, The Economic Value of College Majors … Continue reading

Workplace Practices in Europe – Most managers (84%) and employee representatives (67%) report a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ work climate

The European Union’s Europe 2020 strategy aims to address the shortcomings of the European growth model and to create the conditions for ‘smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’. The findings of the ECS 2013 are of particular interest for the ‘innovation union’, ‘industrial policy for the globalisation era’, and ‘agenda for new skills and jobs’ flagship … Continue reading

World Happiness Report 2015 – The geography of happiness

Average life evaluations, where 0 represents the worst possible life and 10 the best possible, range from an average above 7.5 at the top of the rankings to below 3 at the bottom. A difference of 4 points in average life evaluations separates the 10 happiest countries from the 10 least happy countries. Comparing the … Continue reading

Independent Workers in US – 9% report using at least one On-Demand economy platform as a source of work or income

The On-Demand Economy has hit the headlines and caught mainstream attention. Often referred to as the sharing economy, this rapidly growing segment includes high-profile players such as Airbnb (lodging), Uber and Lyft (taxi services), Handy (clean- ers), Etsy (crafts), TaskRabbit (general tasks) and many others. Broadly defined, the On-Demand economy refers to economic activity generated … Continue reading

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