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Raising Wages in US – Policies that work

As this paper explains, wage stagnation is not inevitable. It is the direct result of public policy choices on behalf of those with the most power and wealth that have suppressed wage growth for the vast majority in recent decades. Thus, because wage stagnation was caused by policy, it can be alleviated by policy. In … Continue reading

Unlocking the sharing economy in UK – A report

In September 2014, Matthew Hancock MP, the Business Minister, asked me to write a report on the sharing economy – and to make recommendations as to how the UK could become a global centre for this fast-growing sector. The sharing economy allows people to share property, resources, time and skills across online platforms. This can … Continue reading

EU Immigration Policy – In need of public figures who can speak to policymakers, politicians, and publics report says

The European Union has been charged with leading a response to a range of complex and interlinked challenges related to EU immigration and asylum policy, from the short-term need to respond to maritime migration in the Mediterranean, through to the long-term questions about Europe’s future as a diverse, competitive society. However, it is becoming increasingly … Continue reading

Immigrants to Canada – The ‘New Gateways’ and immigrant selection programs and immigrant source regions

Canada and the United States have recently experienced an increased regional dispersion of entering immigrants. American research suggests that a mixture of economic push factors (away from states like California) and pull factors (toward states with growth of low-wage jobs), as well as changing government policies and regulations contributed to the development of the ‘New … Continue reading

UK – The highest proportion of employees with a workplace pension on record

Workplace pension reforms The Pensions Act 2008 put in place a framework for workplace pension reform designed to increase private pension saving in the UK. This framework was amended slightly by the Pensions Acts 2011 and 2014. One of the key reforms was that, from October 2012, all eligible employees are to be automatically enrolled … Continue reading

FRB March 4, 2015 Beige Book on Employment, Wages, and Prices

Employment, Wages, and Prices Employment levels remained stable or continued to grow in most Districts and across a variety of sectors. Contacts in several Districts noted strong labor demand and challenges filling a variety of skilled positions. Firms in the Philadelphia District reported positive employment trends in a broad range of sectors, with the majority … Continue reading

US – Most (60%) see only a partial recovery in jobs Pew finds

The public makes sharp distinctions about which groups have benefited – and which have not – from the economic policies the government has put in place since the start of the recession. Majorities say that large banks, large corporations and the wealthy have been helped a great deal or a fair amount by government policies. … Continue reading

India – Only 27% candidates enrolled in skill dev programmes got jobs

Only 27 per cent of the candidates enrolled in five national skill development programmes managed to secure jobs, says a World Bank study. “As per interim findings of the report, 27 per cent of candidates enrolled in the above skill development programmes found employment. “Some of the reasons for non-employment include resistance to migration, pursuit … Continue reading

House of Cards – Fox on Underwood’s jobs plan

Spoiler alert: Frank Underwood’s economic policy in “House of Cards” is crazy. At least it is through the first four episodes, which is all my binge has so far taken in. With 18 months left in the White House, the fictional president on Netflix wants to add 10 million jobs. That’s over half a million … Continue reading

Pay Violations in US – $240.8M recovered

U.S. labor investigators recovered $240.8 million in back wages for American workers last year amid an intensified crackdown on pay abuses in low-skill industries. That newly released total – which reflects the amount of back wages that employers agreed to pay, or were ordered to pay, following government investigations – amounted to $890 per affected … Continue reading

EUROPP – Despite low unemployment, large sections of German society remain at risk from poverty

In the early 2000s, the then SPD-Green government in Germany implemented a package of policies known as ‘Agenda 2010’, which aimed to reform the country’s welfare system and labour market. Stefan Selke writes on the impact of these reforms ten years later. He argues that while the unemployment rate in Germany is currently low by … Continue reading

US – Unnoticed President Obama’s action on immigrants integration

[An] aspect of President Obama’s executive action has gone almost unnoticed: the establishment of a taskforce to focus on the integration of immigrants into the economy and their communities. Recognizing the important role that immigrants play in today’s economy, and the growing role they will play in the coming decades, the White House Taskforce on New Americans aims to … Continue reading

Social Security in US – Rising wage inequality has eroded the finances of the system

This issue brief explores how rising wage inequality has affected the financial outlook of Social Security. We first provide a brief overview of Social Security’s funding structure and its current financial outlook based on the Social Security Administration’s, or SSA’s, most recent projections. Next, we highlight relevant wage trends that have impacted the trust funds’ … Continue reading

Canada – Still 270,000 jobs short of full employment says Carolyn Wilkins, Governor Stephen Poloz’s top deputy,

The economy is still 270,000 jobs short of full employment Carolyn Wilkins, Governor Stephen Poloz’s top deputy, warned in a speech  Growing angst about the sluggish pace of job creation could provide more cover for the Bank of Canada to lower interest rates again. Carolyn Wilkins, Governor Stephen Poloz’s top deputy, warned in a speech … Continue reading

Minimum Wage in UK – Low Pay Commission recommends 3%

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) has today recommended to the Government that the adult rate of the National Minimum Wage, which applies to workers aged 21 and over, should rise by 3 per cent to £6.70 from October 2015. The LPC’s aim is to advise on a rate that protects as many low-paid workers as … Continue reading

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