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Minimum Wage in Alberta – Going up to $11.20 on October 1

Alberta, one of the lowest payers of minimum wage in Canada, is becoming one of the highest. As part of a plan to increase Alberta’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018, the province announced Monday the current minimum wage will increase from $10.20 to $11.20 on October 1st. When that kicks in, only Ontario ($11.25 … Continue reading

SA – Ten-point reform plan out of the unemployment crisis

The SA Institute of Race Relations (IRR) published a 10-point plan on Wednesday to tackle South Africa’s mounting unemployment crisis. The IRR said that South Africa’s very high unemployment, which had risen from 3.67 million in 1994 to 8.74 million this year, necessitated a series of radical steps. “Job security for some has been achieved … Continue reading

LMDA – Governments of Canada and British Columbia sign job training deal

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that paves the way towards retooling an existing federal-provincial job training deal which will better-align training with jobs. The Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Minister of Employment and Social Development, and the Honourable Michelle Stilwell, Minister of Social Development … Continue reading

Immigration in Ontario – Two New Express Entry Provincial Nominee Streams

Background: Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry The Provincial Nominee Program was established to allow provinces the ability to nominate qualified workers, professionals and international students who wish to become Canadian permanent residents according to the economic needs of each province. Each year, the federal government decides on the number of provincial nominees each … Continue reading

Express Entry in Canada – It worths it for a “higher calibre of immigrant” Minister says

One government minister has urged employers to include the new Express Entry immigration program in their HR strategies – saying it offers access to highly-skilled and highly sought-after applicants. “If you can’t find a Canadian to do the job, you can come to us and apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment and recruit someone … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s on Apprenticeship – $1,500 for hiring an apprentice

Hillary Clinton, unveiling the latest plank of her policy platform, on Wednesday will call for a new tax credit to benefit companies that hire people as apprentices. The proposal will be debuted during a campaign swing through South Carolina and, in a bit of political gamesmanship, builds off a proposal from one of the Palmetto … Continue reading

Canada – No evidence of a national labour shortage at present or into the foreseeable future research finds

This report outlines the findings of a knowledge synthesis project which was established to gather and learn more about what the best existing peer-reviewed research reveals about labour and skills supplies in Canada now and in the near future. This study identifies not only what is known but also the gaps in research relating to … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment in US – A National Tragedy says Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Calling youth unemployment “a national tragedy,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today cited a new national study which found that unemployment among recent high school and college graduates is much worse than previously estimated. At Sanders’ request, the Economic Policy Institute analyzed census data on unemployment among young people who are jobless, working part-time when they … Continue reading

Record Unemployment in France – 100,000 state-sponsored jobs to come

The French government said it will create 100,000 extra state-sponsored jobs after data showed the number of unemployed people in France reached a fresh record high in April. Labor Minister Francois Rebsamen announced the plans on Monday as he reported the number of category A job seekers– defined as registered job seekers who are fully … Continue reading

Queen’s Speech in UK : Is full employment a benefits cap ?

Legislation will be brought forward to help achieve full employment and provide people with the security of a job. New duties will require my ministers to report annually on job creation and apprenticeships. Analysis: This is a reference to the full employment and welfare benefits bill, which, despite the title, seems to be devoted to … Continue reading

Job Programs for Older Workers in the US – How to to increase the availability and effectiveness

Today, a decreasing percentage of counseling, job matching, and job development services are staff-assisted. American Job Centers do not currently have dedicated staff specializing in job development and job placement for older workers. Selected Public Workforce Development Programs in the United States: Lessons Learned for Older Workers provides a selective review of public workforce development … Continue reading

Citizenship in Canada – The biggest impacts

In June 2014, Bill C-24 passed and the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act came into force. The bill marked the most significant changes to Canada’s citizenship laws since 1977. Some of the changes came into effect in the summer of 2014 and the rest we expect will be implemented sometime in 2015. The government hasn’t said … Continue reading

Job Tenure in the U Congress – 9.8 years for the House and 11.4 years for the Senate for Members of the 112th Congress, as of January 5, 2011

The average service tenure of Members of the Senate and House of Representatives has varied substantially since 1789. This report presents data on Member tenure and a historical analysis of tenure trends. During the 19th century, the average service of Representatives and Senators remained roughly constant, with little or no change over time; the average … Continue reading

Local Taxes and Incentives for Jobs Creation

Late last year the electric carmaker Tesla chose Nevada as the site of its future “gigafactory,” where it will produce all of the batteries to power its vehicles. The company expects the factory to cost $5 billion to build and to eventually employ around 6,000 people. Tesla cited Nevada’s offer of low taxes as an … Continue reading

Canada – EI produces multi-billion-dollar surpluses, but only about a third of unemployed people can qualify

Even if you never use employment insurance, you pay into, he said. Someone who makes $60,000 a year, pays about $914 to EI. The program isn’t serving everyone it needs, but it constantly produces multi-billion-dollar surpluses. Why is it then, as Zon wondered, “contributing on paper to the federal budget balance” when “only about a … Continue reading

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