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EUROPP – Despite low unemployment, large sections of German society remain at risk from poverty

In the early 2000s, the then SPD-Green government in Germany implemented a package of policies known as ‘Agenda 2010’, which aimed to reform the country’s welfare system and labour market. Stefan Selke writes on the impact of these reforms ten years later. He argues that while the unemployment rate in Germany is currently low by … Continue reading

US – Unnoticed President Obama’s action on immigrants integration

[An] aspect of President Obama’s executive action has gone almost unnoticed: the establishment of a taskforce to focus on the integration of immigrants into the economy and their communities. Recognizing the important role that immigrants play in today’s economy, and the growing role they will play in the coming decades, the White House Taskforce on New Americans aims to … Continue reading

Social Security in US – Rising wage inequality has eroded the finances of the system

This issue brief explores how rising wage inequality has affected the financial outlook of Social Security. We first provide a brief overview of Social Security’s funding structure and its current financial outlook based on the Social Security Administration’s, or SSA’s, most recent projections. Next, we highlight relevant wage trends that have impacted the trust funds’ … Continue reading

Canada – Still 270,000 jobs short of full employment says Carolyn Wilkins, Governor Stephen Poloz’s top deputy,

The economy is still 270,000 jobs short of full employment Carolyn Wilkins, Governor Stephen Poloz’s top deputy, warned in a speech  Growing angst about the sluggish pace of job creation could provide more cover for the Bank of Canada to lower interest rates again. Carolyn Wilkins, Governor Stephen Poloz’s top deputy, warned in a speech … Continue reading

Minimum Wage in UK – Low Pay Commission recommends 3%

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) has today recommended to the Government that the adult rate of the National Minimum Wage, which applies to workers aged 21 and over, should rise by 3 per cent to £6.70 from October 2015. The LPC’s aim is to advise on a rate that protects as many low-paid workers as … Continue reading

Closing the Skills Gap in US – Walmart pledges $100 million to boost jobs

America’s largest company launches a new initiative to help the retail industry close the skills gap that keeps Americans unemployed.  One week after announcing plans to increase the pay of low-wage workers to at least $9 an hour, Walmart is delivering more good news on the job front: The company will donate $16 million to … Continue reading

US – The 2015 Economic Report of the President on the labor market

Chapter 3  of  [The 2015 Economic Report of the President] addresses the opportunities and challenges facing the U.S. labor market. The sharp drop in unemployment in 2014 came amid a stabilization in the labor force participation rate and the strongest annual job growth since the 1990s as businesses added more than 3 million jobs. But … Continue reading

Minimum Wage in UK – Employers underpay 100k young people Trade Unions Congress says

More than 100,000 young adults are not being paid the national minimum wage (NMW), an increase of 52% since 2010. The figures were highlighted by the Trade Unions Congress from the government’s final evidence submitted to the Low Pay Commission (LPC). It found that 35,000 more young adults were being paid below the NMW since … Continue reading

Pakistan – Social protection needed for home-based workers advocacy group says

The government should formulate new laws to provide social security protection to home-based workers, said participants of an advocacy meeting held on Thursday. The meeting was held to discuss legislative measures for ensuring economic and social protection for home-based workers. The participants of the meeting, arranged by the HomeNet Pakistan, included parliamentarians and civil society … Continue reading

Minimum Monthly Wages in India – Could go up to Rs 15,000

The Centre plans to fix minimum national monthly wages at around Rs 15,000 for all jobs in both the formal and informal sectors in the country. * The National Minimum Wages Act, 1948, lays down minimum wages for 45 listed economic activities, which also serve as minimum wages for these activities in the states. However, … Continue reading

Minimum Wage in Korea – 20,000 apartment guards face layoffs Unions says

Two major labor advocates estimated Tuesday that about 20,000 security guards at apartment complexes nationwide would face layoffs due to the minimum wage law, which will become fully effective on Jan. 1, 2015. As there are about 180,000 apartment security guards in the country, the estimate would amount to 11 percent to the total. The … Continue reading

Social Security in US – 71 percent of the 59 million current recipients are retired workers

Social Security is the federal government’s largest single program. Of the 59 million people who currently receive Social Security benefits, about 71 percent are retired workers or their spouses and children, and another 10 percent are survivors of deceased workers; all of those beneficiaries receive payments through Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI). The other 19 … Continue reading

Universal Jobmatch in UK – British job seekers will get be the first to see tens of thousands of job vacancies

British job seekers will get be the first to see tens of thousands of job vacancies after ministers demanded an end to blanket adverting across the EU. Under Brussels rules any jobs that the Government posted through its official Universal Jobmatch website also had to be placed on an EU website used by migrants across … Continue reading

Minimum Wages In Europe – Range from EUR 174 to EUR 1 921 per month

Minimum wages in the EU Member States ranged from EUR 174 to EUR 1 921 per month in July 2014 In 2014, 21 out of the 28 EU Member States (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Finland and Sweden were the exceptions) had a national minimum wage (see Map 1). As of 1 July 2014, monthly minimum wages varied widely, … Continue reading

Finland – Unemployment benefits for high income earners to be cut

Government’s hatchet man will be focusing on unemployment benefits for high income earners as part of ongoing efforts to cut spending. The changes will come into force at the beginning of 2015 and will affect newly-unemployed persons who have worked for more than 20 years as well as employees who earned a monthly salary of more … Continue reading

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