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Can growth alone tackle unemployment? No, fiscal policy must be as growth-friendly as possible

Can growth alone tackle unemployment? Evidence is summarized in Figure 2, which shows the growth-jobs nexus using two alternate measure of the state of labor markets, the unemployment rate and the growth rate of employment. The left panel of Figure 2 shows that, among advanced economies on average, unemployment falls by a third of a … Continue reading

UK – Are Jobcentre’s demands helping job search ?

A JOBSEEKER claims he is being discriminated against because he has voiced his objections to “draconian” demands. Peter Styles says that a requirement to sign on every day in segregation with a member of staff behind Perspex glass at a Jobcentre is hindering his search for a job. The 43-year-old has appealed against the decision … Continue reading

US – To what extent is income being redistributed by government action ?

With changes like these in the distribution of the rewards of the American economy, the president and many on the left call for redistributing income from those at the top to those in the middle and bottom. But they seldom mention the extent to which income is already being redistributed by government action. In fact, … Continue reading

Federal Taxes, 2011 in US – Average tax rates by quintile goes from 11 percent to 23 percent CBO finds

In 2011, according to CBO’s estimates, average household market income—a comprehensive income measure that consists of labor income, business income, capital income (including capital gains), and retirement income—was approximately $81,000. Government transfers, which include benefits from programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance, averaged approximately $13,000 per household. The sum of those two … Continue reading

Youth in Canada – The bigger issue is underemployment says the Broadbent Institute

As of October, 2014, the youth unemployment rate was still 12.6%, well over double the adult rate, and the youth employment rate (the proportion of the age group 15 to 24 holding any kind of a job) was 56.5%, still down a full three percentage points from 2008. The bigger issue is underemployment. Far too … Continue reading

Jobseeker Allowance (JSA) in UK – 500,000 sanctioned recipients ‘disappeared’

Hundreds of thousands of jobseekers could have ‘disappeared’ from official unemployment figures after having their benefit payments docked, figures suggest. According to research from the University of Oxford, up to 500,000 unemployed people closed their Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claim soon after being sanctioned by the DWP. Rather than moving into employment, these people are simply … Continue reading

Australia – The Unemployment Union myth-busting

Australia’s inhumane welfare system is based on a number of Myth: Click on the links below and help us BUST THE 10 MYTHS that prop up our unfair Welfare system. MYTH #1: “The Australian government spends too much on welfare“ MYTH #2: “Australia spends too much on Unemployment benefits”  MYTH #3: “Newstart is a temporary payment“ MYTH #4: “In Australia, anyone can get a job if they try … Continue reading

Minimum wage hike in New Brunswick – May cause layoffs says the Canadian Federation of Independent Business

An upcoming increase to the minimum wage in New Brunswick may force business owners to reduce hours or lay off employees, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. “Businesses in New Brunswick right now are not exactly rolling in dough and they have to make some very ugly choices,” said Dan Kelly, the CFIB’s … Continue reading

US – Labor markets became much less fluid in recent decades says Cato Institute

As measured by flows of jobs and workers across employers, U.S. labor markets became much less fluid in recent decades. We document a large, broad-based decline in these labor market flows, drawing on multiple data sources. An aging workforce and a secular shift away from younger and smaller employers can partly account for the long-term … Continue reading

Philadelphia Fed on Labor Market – Significant progress has been made

Last week’s employment numbers showed employers adding 214,000 jobs in October. Revisions for September and August added 31,000 more jobs than originally estimated. Interestingly, what we once thought was a weak jobs report for August now shows we added 203,000 jobs, which means that we have had nine months of job growth above 200,000 for … Continue reading

Child Labor in the World – 10 percent of the world’s children, or 168 million

ILO estimates document that, from 2000 to 2012, child labor fell by 78 million or 30 percent, placing the most current estimate of child laborers at 168 million, of which 85 million are in hazardous work.(23) Behind these numbers are children wielding machetes to crack open cocoa pods; girls working as domestic servants in third-party … Continue reading

On Poloz’s Prescription – Memoirs of an unpaid intern

Fresh out of university and six months into a fruitless job search, I accepted an unpaid six week internship under the impression that it would lead to a paid, full-time position at the same company or some serious resume ammunition. My situation ended exceptionally poorly. As it turned out, the company wasn’t paying me because … Continue reading

Immigrants in Canada – To welcome 285,000, but 14 per cent of university-educated immigrants who’ve come to Canada in the last five years are without a job

Canada aims to welcome as many as 285,000 new permanent residents next year.  The last time Canada admitted as many as 280,000 permanent residents was in 2010. According to the Minister, this is the highest planned total “in recent history,” and is designed to “attract skilled immigrants” who will “help contribute to our economy and … Continue reading

Council Jobs in UK – More than 20000 to be cut says union

Plans are underway to cut more than 20,000 jobs at 26 councils, a survey by the GMB union has found.The union says the cuts, coming on top of 900,000 public sector jobs lost since 2010, means that essential public services are being cut to the bone. Figures published by the Office of National Statistics show … Continue reading

EU Court of Justice – Countries can exclude jobless immigrants from getting welfare

Europe’s top court has ruled that European Union countries can block jobless immigrantsfrom receiving welfare benefits. The so-called ‘welfare tourism’ case involved a Romanian woman, 25-year-old Elisabeta Dano, who had applied for, and been denied, unemployment benefit in Germany on the grounds that she was not actively seeking a job. She had received child benefits … Continue reading

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