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Job Vacancy in Canada – The lowest job vacancy rates were in Quebec

Job vacancy rates across Canada The territories had the highest job vacancy rates in Canada, led by Yukon at 5.1%. The provinces with the highest rates were Alberta and New Brunswick (both at 3.4%). Quebec, at 2.1%, had the lowest job vacancy rate, followed by Newfoundland and Labrador (2.4%) and Manitoba (2.5%). The job vacancy rate refers to … Continue reading

Lloyds – To cut 945 jobs

Lloyds Banking Group Plc, Britain’s largest mortgage provider, plans to eliminate a net 945 jobs across operations, including staff at its branch network, as part of broader cost cuts announced last year. The cuts are part of a plan to pare about 9,000 jobs by 2017, the London-based bank said on Thursday. The job losses … Continue reading

Maple Leaf Foods – To cut more than 400 jobs, 3% of workforce 

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. (MFI.TO 0.00%) said it would cut more than 400 jobs, or about 3 per cent of its work force, nearly a month after the Canadian meat packer pushed back its timeline for hitting a key profitability target. Maple Leaf, one of Canada’s biggest pork processors, said on Wednesday the majority of the … Continue reading

Unemployment Rates in US State – None or above 7% for the first time since early 2007

Currently no state has an unemployment rate at or above 7% (light blue); Only eight states are at or above 6% (dark blue). Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Calculated Risk: BLS on State Unemployment Rates: No State at or above 7%, First Time since early 2007

Job Cuts in Oil and Gas – More than 250,000 around the world

The number of jobs gutted from oil and gas companies around the world has now passed the 250,000 mark, with still more to come, according to industry consultant Graves & Co. “I was surprised it’s gotten this far,” John Graves, whose Houston firm assists in oil and gas deals with audits and due diligence, said … Continue reading

Toy Suppliers – Poor working conditions and lack of safety measures

Laborers at some toy factories in China work without adequate protection, toiling long hours with few, if any, breaks. Many facilities lack proper fire safety measures and subject workers to poor living conditions. For some, quitting means giving up earned wages. According to a new report by China Labor Watch, which investigated five major factories … Continue reading

Brain Drain in Canada – Reversing it

In the 1990s, this country was consumed with the spectre of a “brain drain”: the loss of scientific, engineering and medical talent to the U.S. in an era of Canadian belt-tightening. “There was a very real concern that the scientific community in the country would implode,” says Alan Bernstein, president of the Canadian Institute for … Continue reading

Job Satisfaction – 7 in 10 employees unhappy with career opportunities, costing organisations over £16,000 per employee

Stalled progression means 70% of employees are dissatisfied with future career opportunities, leading to massive turnover costs as people pursue new options elsewhere, according to CEB, the best practice insight and technology company. Traditional, linear career paths where employees climb the corporate ladder one promotion at a time are a thing of the past, says … Continue reading

Ireland – Unemployment rate down to its lowest level since 2008

The construction and industrial sectors delivered the most new jobs as a 59,400 increase in the number of full-time posts helped bring the unemployment rate down to its lowest level since 2008. Quarterly data published by the Central Statistics Office showed Ireland’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped to 9.1 per cent in July-September this year … Continue reading

Middle East’s youth unemployment – 27 million not in education, employment, or training

Unemployment across the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region is expected to surge in the coming years as a combination of structural and cyclical factors is adversely impacting job creation in both oil-exporting and oil-importing countries.  According to a recent report ‘Re-Dynamising the Job Machine: Technology-Driven Transformation of Labor Markets in MENA’, produced jointly … Continue reading

The Old Get Richer – Financial security in advanced societies appears to increase with age

Pia Huettl, Karen Wilson and Guntram Wolff document the phenomenon in a recent paper for Brussels-based think tank Bruegel. They found that the material deprivation rate — defined as inability to afford things above basic necessity level — has increased for young people in most European countries between 2007 and 2013, but dropped for over 65s. That’s mainly due … Continue reading

Labor Force Participation in US – An increasing share of Americans outside of the labour force are not making an effort to come back

The chart below showed that 93% of those classified as “not in the labour force” in October also resided there in September. Furthermore, since this share hit its cycle-low in June 2010, there has been a clear upward trend and we are currently around historically high levels. In other words, an increasing share of Americans … Continue reading

European Refugee Surge – The labour market and fiscal impact

Europe is facing its biggest refugee inflow since World War II. Estimating the number of arrivals remains very challenging, but over one million asylum applications could be received this year in the European Union (EU), up from 630 thousand applications in 2014, with an estimated 350-450 thousand people likely to be granted refugee or other … Continue reading

Job Report in UK – Employment at record high

There were 31.21 million people in work, 177,000 more than for April to June 2015 and 419,000 more than for a year earlier. There were 22.80 million people working full-time, 273,000 more than for a year earlier. There were 8.42 million people working part-time, 146,000 more than for a year earlier. The employment rate (the … Continue reading

UK – Up to 15million jobs in Britain could be replaced by robots

Up to 15million jobs in Britain could be replaced by robots over the next twenty years – although hairdressers, carers and nannies will be safe. The apocalyptic prediction comes not from the fertile imagination of a science fiction author, but from a senior official at the Bank of England. In an extraordinary speech to trade … Continue reading

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