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Italy – Unemployment slowing for a second consecutive month

Unemployment in Italy stood at 12.6 per cent in January, slowing for a second consecutive month and returning to its level a year ago, according to national statistics agency Istat: In January 2015 22.320 million persons were employed, essentially unchanged over December 2014. Unemployed were 3.221 million, -0.6% with respect to the previous month. Chosen … Continue reading

Australia – One in five unemployed today is a teenager

It can’t be said enough, amid a steady rise in the overall unemployment rate, Australia’s youth continue to bear the brunt – and teenagers are faring worst of all. More than 290,000 Australian youth aged 15 to 24 were categorised as unemployed in January. The worst hit were the 15 to 19 year olds, with … Continue reading

IT Job Market in US – The best growth since 2000

More than 130,000 new IT jobs were created in the last 12 months. A Janco analysis based on a review of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found 131,800 new information technology jobs were created in the past year. Janco found a net increase of 62,600 IT jobs in the past three months … Continue reading

Germany – The number of unemployed graduates of African descent has increased from about 2,000 to nearly 12,000 from June 2013 to June 2014

Over the last couple of years the number of students from sub-Saharan Africa, who come to study and work in Germany, has increased. But getting a job can be difficult depending on the field of study one is taking. Most students from African countries who happen to study in Europe or the US prefer to … Continue reading

Unemployment in Euro Area – The lowest rate recorded since April 2012

The euro area (EA19) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 11.2% in January 2015, down from 11.3% in December 2014, and from 11.8% in January 2014. This is the lowest rate recorded in the euro area since April 2012. The EU28 unemployment rate was 9.8% in January 2015, down from 9.9% in December 2014 and from 10.6% … Continue reading

US – Nine years after the bust began, construction employment has made up only about a third of its losses

The labor market for construction workers suffered a massive shock in the wake of the housing bust, as demand for new homes dried up and firms rapidly shed workers. Employment in the construction sector fell nearly 25 percent from more than 11-1/2 million in 2006 to about 9 million in 2010. Even though the construction … Continue reading

US – Wages growth is breaking out at restaurants and bars

Wage growth is breaking out in an unexpected corner of the U.S. economy: the nation’s restaurants and bars. Food-service employment has surged since the recession ended nearly six years ago, growing twice as fast as overall payrolls. But those gains had largely failed to translate into better wages in the sector, until recently. Restaurant wages … Continue reading

Aging Labor Force – The case of Germany

“Here is the biggest problem we face,” the senior official from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government told me as he pulled out a pen and drew a pie-graph circle on his napkin. “This is the working-age population of Germany – 45 million people.” Then he drew a thick slice, almost a sixth of the circle: “This … Continue reading

Extended joblessness could dampen our personalities

Long periods of unemployment drain our bank accounts and weaken the economy. New research suggests extended joblessness could also dampen our personalities. And that can make it harder to find more work.  A study published this month in the Journal of Applied Psychology examined a sample of 6769 German adults – 3733 men and 3036 women – who … Continue reading

US – Downtown employment centers of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas are recording faster job growth than their peripheries

For over half a century, American cities were decentralizing, with suburban areas surpassing city centers in both population and job growth. It appears that these economic and demographic tides are now changing. Over the past few years, urban populations in America’s cities have grown faster than outlying areas, and our research shows that jobs are … Continue reading

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) – To slash thousands more jobs

The bank, which has now reported seven straight losses adding up to £49.7bn since its 2008 bail-out, also said it would slash thousands more jobs in a dramatic restructuring of its investment bank, exiting two-thirds of the unit’s geographies and cutting around £70bn of assets. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  RBS … Continue reading

Microsoft in China – To cut 9,000 Nokia jobs

Microsoft Corp. plans to shut two mobile-handset manufacturing plants in China formerly run by Nokia Corp., cutting about 9,000 jobs in total, various reports said Thursday. Microsoft, which bought Nokia’s handset business last April, scheduled the closure of the plants — located in Beijing and the southeastern city of Dongguan — earlier this month and … Continue reading

Zero-hours Contracts in UK – Save the country from eurozone levels of unemployment’ – Telegraph

Business groups defend companies who use zero-hour contracts after new figures reveal 697,000 people in the UK are on them Business groups have defended companies using zero-hours contracts, arguing that they have protected the UK from the high levels of unemployment seen on the continent. The Institute of Directors (IoD) and Confederation of British Industry … Continue reading

UK – The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) reports on the partial review of the shortage occupation list (SOL)

In the year ending September 2014, 46,000 Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) applications were made for out-of-country, non-EU citizens to permit them to work in the UK. There are three main routes: Thus, the shortage occupation route accounts for only a small fraction (3.0 per cent) of the total annual inflow of non-EU work migrants. In … Continue reading

Canada –  4.8 unemployed people for every job vacancy in November 2014

Canadian businesses reported 247,000 job vacancies in November, an increase of 27,000 compared with November 2013. There were 4.8 unemployed people for every job vacancy, down from 5.6 a year earlier. This decline in the ratio was the result of both fewer unemployed people and more job vacancies. The national job vacancy rate was 1.6% in November, up from 1.5% recorded 12 months earlier. via The Daily — Job vacancies … Continue reading

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