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Connected to the Workplace – Telepressure

“So the dad constantly texting coworkers from the sideline of a youth soccer game, the multitasking mom firing off work e-mails over Saturday morning breakfast and the steadfast employee sleeping with his company-issued smartphone by his pillow – these behaviours all point to the psychological state of workplace telepressure,” says Northern Illinois University, whose psych … Continue reading

The Gender Gap in US – Historically low between young male and female workers but growing

The wage gap between young male and female workers is historically low. The wage gap between young male and female workers is growing. Yes, both things can be true at the same time. Intergenerational economic inequality is declining: The gap between male and female wages among Millennials is lower than it was among boomers or … Continue reading

Grads with Debt in US – The burden of student loan repayment diminishes rapidly as earnings grow, but difficult in some fields finds Brookings

In this second economic analysis in the Major Decisions series, The Hamilton Project turns to the question of loan repayment. The analysis explores the relationship between earnings growth over one’s career and the relative burden of debt repayment across 80 majors. Specifically, we examine the share of monthly earnings needed to make monthly loan repayments … Continue reading

Illegal Immigration in the US – Making up 3.5% of the nation’s population finds Pew Research Center

The number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. has stabilized in recent years after decades of rapid growth. But there have been shifts in the states where unauthorized immigrants live and the countries where they were born. Millions could receive relief from deportation and work visas from an executive order that President Obama is expected … Continue reading

US – To what extent is income being redistributed by government action ?

With changes like these in the distribution of the rewards of the American economy, the president and many on the left call for redistributing income from those at the top to those in the middle and bottom. But they seldom mention the extent to which income is already being redistributed by government action. In fact, … Continue reading

US – Suburban inadequate transit worsens unemployment

I took a look at the study report, which was published earlier this year by the Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies. More specifically, the research looked at a sample of 247,000 Midwestern lower-income “workers who have experienced an involuntary job displacement” because of mass layoffs, and how long they remained unemployed. The researchers also … Continue reading

Participation in Canada – 70 per cent of decline over the past year has been due to decreased female participation

Canada’s labour force participation rate — the percentage of people with a job — has been declining, and according to TD economist Brian DePratto, more than 70 per cent of that decline over the past year has been due to decreased female participation. Contrary to a popular theory, it’s not baby boomers retiring and leaving … Continue reading

Verbal Abuse at Workplace – No Gender Gap finds study

A systematic review of the available literature has revealed that there is no significant difference in the prevalence of verbal abuse in the workplace between men and women. Stephane Guay from the Institut universitaire de santé mentale de Montréal in Quebec, Canada, looked into all previous research on verbal abuse in the workplace that primarily … Continue reading

Canada – Youth heading west

It’s no news that young skilled workers are flocking to the Western provinces in search of opportunities. But a new study found a link between high employment rates and private sector investment. The report by the Fraser Institute says that jobs are booming in Alberta and Saskatchewan, while Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic provinces are losing young … Continue reading

US – Healthcare leads in flex job opportunities

(Guess Post by Audrey Clark)  – The healthcare industry offers more flexible jobs than any other industry, according to Flex jobs, a leading online career site. Available positions range from the obvious, like registered nurses and aides, to the not so obvious, like pharmaceutical sales and medical equipment repair. Employers in the medical industry embrace part time, … Continue reading

Labor force participation among young moms and dads in US – Mothers are working a greater portion of the year

Over the past four decades, the labor force has changed dramatically. Women’s labor market participation rates have risen, and women are increasingly working throughout their adult lives. One consequence of these changes is that men’s and women’s roles have been converging, with men taking a more active role at home, doing a greater share of … Continue reading

US – Long-Term Unemployed in March 2007 and March 2014

The recent recession and slow recovery led to a high rate of long-term unemployment, which is defined as being out of work for more than 26 consecutive weeks. That rate peaked at 4.3 percent in the second quarter of calendar year 2010 and has fallen considerably since then. It was 2.4 percent in March 2014 … Continue reading

Higher Education in US – Clear information about costs and quality is needed study says

Che cost of acquiring the skills needed to be successful in the future economy is likely to fall sharply. That will be good for the economy. It will also open up opportunities for skill-based economic advancement for the many Americans who today cannot afford college without incurring crushing debt. For this transformation to achieve its … Continue reading

US – The most prestigious professions

What jobs do Americans consider the most prestigious? According to The Harris Poll, the majority of adults would encourage their children to pursue a career in engineering. However, doctors, military officers and firefighters are actually seen as the most prestigious professions in the United States. Doctors come first for prestige – 88 percent of US adults … Continue reading

Canada – More young workers give up hope says the Canadian Labour Congress

Despite the positive signs in the most recent labour force survey from Statistics Canada, the picture for the next generation remains bleak. “Last month, another 26,000 young workers gave up looking for a job and left the labour market. If you look at the jobs that our economy has created for these young people over … Continue reading

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