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India | 25% of the world’s new workers in the next decade | Literacy rate rise to 74.04 % | More women satisfied with their current jobs than men

Demographics |  India : 25% of the world’s new workers in the next decade will be Indian

“A demographic advantage does not mean more people; it means more prosperous and productive people. What is happening in India demographically is not once a decade or once in a millennium but once in the lifetime of a country; 25% of the world’s new workers in the next decade will be Indian… But an unemployed, uneducated or unskilled Indian is not a free Indian—and usually a poor Indian.” writes Manish Sabharwal in Can India’s demographic dividend deliver prosperity? on economictimes.indiatimes.com.

“Sources of poverty are complex but three labour market mismatches don’t help; geographic (jobs are in different areas from people), sector (workers are in low productivity areas of the economy) and skills (job seekers don’t have what employers want). “ adds Sabharwal.

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Literacy rate has risen to 74.04 %

The new Census of India 2011 indicates that literacy rate has risen to 74.04 %, a 9.2 percentage point increase in 10 years. The literacy rate in the 2001 census was 64.83 %.

Moreover, women outnumber men in the total new literates added in the last decade, Nonetheless,  the percentage of literate women is still 65.46 compared to 82.14% in case of men.

This has lead to a series of articles. Here is a sample of them collected by Job Market Monitor.

“Census of India 2011: Literacy rises by 9.2 per cent, now 74.04 per cent” @ :


“Literacy rate up 9.2%; gender gap shrinking” @ :


Female literacy falters as govt push around with schemes” @:


“UP most populous state; female literacy, sex ratio improve” @:


“City falls, rises too, census 2011 | slips on literacy rank, sex ratio improves over 2001” @:


“India on the cusp of achieving full literacy, says Kapil Sibal” @:


“India will attain total literacy in the next 10 years: Sibal” @:


“Literacy rate up but well short of plan panel target” @:



New global research from Accenture, titled ‘The Path Forward’, has found that a greater number of women (40%) are satisfied with their current job and are not looking for new job opportunities as compared to men (28%). The research further reveals that 80% of the respondents in India stayed at their jobs longer than they may have otherwise because of a flexible work arrangement. Family responsibility is the most commonly cited reason to work a flexible work schedule.

via More women satisfied with their current jobs than men, says study – The Economic Times.

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